Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I have another drugstore BB cream review to share with you, today.

 Introducing Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector. This product claims, among eight benefits, Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Happiness. A face product not stuffed full of chemical sunscreen. Of course, we all know that we don't use enough foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream to truly reap the SPF benefits but I suppose that combined with a broad spectrum sunscreen it helps to provide some protection.

This Beauty Balm is not a true BB cream, as I understand BB creams. This is is an truth, like most American made drugstore BB creams, a tinted moisturizer. The label claims are that it has eight benefits:

  • Blurs Imperfections
  • Enhances
  • Brightens
  • Adjusts to Skin Tone
  • Smooths
  • Hydrates
  • SPF 30 Protection
  • 0% Oils and Other Heavy Ingredients

This Beauty Balm comes packaged in a one ounce tube (well sealed, there is an adhesive seal on the tip of the tube under the cap, check to make sure it is intact before you purchase) and I paid $8.99 USD for it at my local Walgreen's. Prices may vary by store or region but I think that this is the prevailing price just about everywhere. The product it's self is a lightweight, pigmented lotion that comes in four shades and is meant to be somewhat self adjusting; in theory it self adjusts to suit the wearer's skin tone. I am fair to light with a neutral undertone and I chose the Light. I chose this shade with some trepidation as my experience with Maybelline face products has never been positive. Even their lightest shades in foundations has been too dark and far too orange to suit me and I honestly expected this product to be the same.

The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB is supposed to be displayed with tiny tester bottles so that you can swatch the product on your hand before choosing your shade; the tester for the Light was missing so I had to go in blind.

Here is the Beauty Balm, straight out of the tube on the back of my hand. In person, this is a bit darker, my camera washed it out a little. The texture of this cream is very smooth, lightweight and it is pretty pigmented. I was a bit scared as it starts out a good bit darker than my usual foundation shade. But, in for a penny, in for a pound. Time to rub the stuff in. 

All smoothed in. As you can see, it did adjust very nicely and isn't orange or dark. 

I have used this many times on my face and I am pretty pleased with it, overall. Is it a BB cream? Uh... No. Not as I understand a BB cream. Is it a nice little tinted moisturizer? Yes, it is. It smooths on easily, self adjusts a bit to my skin tone, sinks in nicely and dries down to a soft, satin velvet finish that isn't at all shiny, sticky or tacky. It does supply a very, very subtle glow but it isn't radiant or shimmery. The coverage is definitely very light. A little better than most tinted moisturizers I have tried, about like a sheer to light foundation. I was able to slightly build the coverage in a couple of spots by adding a little more and gently patting it in. But don't expect more than light coverage. If you need more coverage than this, this product is probably not for you. I did use a little concealer in a couple of spots and my usual under eye corrector and brightener as this product can't cope with my killer dark circles. I found that fingers are the best tool with which to apply this product, I didn't have much success with brushes. 

 I don't realize any moisturizing benefits from this product and I didn't expect to. I have extremely dry skin and I have to prep with my usual moisturizer and a little primer before I use this product. If you have oily or combo skin, I imagine that this would provide you with enough hydration. I found that this product will sink into large pores and pool, leaving those not so lovely tiny spots of pigment on the face. I prepped with my usual foundation primer prior to use and that solved the problem for me. I powder my T-Zone with a little translucent powder as I do get a little shine, this time of year. This product has really decent staying power on my skin. I can wear this all day and it keeps on keeping on surprisingly well. After five or six hours, it still looks fairly fresh and pretty. By the end of a long day, I notice some graceful fading away, there is no streaking, blotching or clotting. Wear time will vary by user, of course. This is just my experience, on my own skin.

My only real complaint with the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream is that it does cause my skin to itch a little, at times. There is one ingredient that I suspect may be the culprit. The itching isn't bad, but it is a little bothersome. Of course, I am not wearing any makeup as I type this and my skin is a bit itchy so... Who knows. Really. 

Let us examine the claims, one by one and see how this stuff performed, shall we? 

  • Blurs Imperfections         Yes. This product provides light coverage. If you need heavier coverage, this is probably not the product for you. 
  • Enhances                        Yes. 
  • Brightens                        Some. It certainly didn't darken or cast an orange tone on my skin.
  • Adjusts to Skin Tone      Yes. Surprisingly, it did. Very nicely, in fact.
  • Smooths                         Somewhat. I needed primer for my pores and flaky areas.
  • Hydrates                        Not my very dry skin. I do think it would hydrate oily or combo skin. I need my usual moisturizer under this.        
  • SPF 30 Protection          I don't buy it. No one wears enough of a product like this or applies it in the manner directed or in the frequency required to realize true sun protection benefits. I suppose that coupled with a broad spectrum sunscreen, this product can help a little but I wouldn't ask it to be my sole source of SPF. I think that it would let me down, badly. 
  • 0% Oils and Other Heavy Ingredients  This did not feel at all oily or heavy on my skin.

Bottom line: Do I like this product? Yes, I do. I am shocked at how well I like it and I have reached for it rather than my foundation since I bought it. I love the weightless feel and the fact that my skin doesn't feel smothered in this nasty Summer heat and humidity. I like the light coverage and the soft, velvety feel that it provides. This product has really decent staying power on my skin and I don't find myself needing to touch it up or reapply in the course of a long, busy day. 

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, I think that I would, unless something better comes along. Do I recommend it? Sure I do. Personal taste varies, of course but I do feel that this is a solid performer for a drugstore level tinted moisturizer and if you are on a budget, it is definitely worth giving it a whirl. Buy it at a store that accepts returns on cosmetics, if you are unsure. That way, if you don't like it, you can get your money back and try something else. (Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, WalMart and many other drugstores and mass retailers accept returns on opened cosmetics products with a receipt, within the return time window. CVS will accept returns without a receipt; the refund will be in the form of a store gift card. With a receipt, you receive cash.) 

Have you tried the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream? Do you like it? Not? I'd love to hear what you think of this product. 

Okay, I think that I covered everything in this very wordy review. I'm sorry, short, sweet and to the point just isn't my forte. If I missed anything or if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to hit me up in a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I use the Disqus comment system, so make sure that you let that widget load completely before composing your comment or I won't see it. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and try to stay cool, mmmkaay? 


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