Nails Go Red, White and Blue

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans. I hope that you have a fabulous, fun and safe holiday and, if they are shooting off fireworks in your area (I know that a lot of shows have been cancelled due to the drought conditions) remember to keep your pets in the house. So many dogs and cats are lost on the Fourth because the fireworks freak them out and they run away. A neighbour of mine lost their dog last year. They had him outside with them to "enjoy the fireworks" with them and when the show started (we live just a few miles from the park where our local display goes off, each year) the dog lost it and ran off and they never found him. So, yeah. Lock up your furbabies, tonight. :)

Did you do holiday nails? I did. They are... Okay, I guess. I liked them better before I did my "art". Should have left them be. lol

I started with my base mani. The red nails are one coat of China Glaze Ruby Deer topped with one coat of Orly Star Spangled. The blue nails (ring and thumb) are one coat of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Blue By Me and topped with a coat of China Glaze Dorothy Who? and the white nail is China Glaze Snow topped with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust. I applied Seche Vite and let the whole thing dry before I defiled my perfectly pretty manicure. 

Yeah. I used several Bundle Monster plates to stamp the star field for my flag nails, the stars on my pinkies and index fingers and the "fireworks" on my ring and thumb nails. I added dots of glittery striper paint to the fireworks for sparkle and some stars from the Wet-N-Wild Fergie star glitter polish I picked up at Walgreen's for this mani. I set the stars with Gelous. I free handed the stripes on my flags. Obviously. :P Everything is topped with more top coat. I over did the stars on my index and pinkie. Should have just done glitter stars inside the stamped ones and my stripes and dots on my fireworks. I really need to learn to edit myself and to stick to what I do well. 

The Wet-n-Wild Fergie star glitter is... Nasty. The base is thick, yet runny, gloppy and gooey. The stars are pretty but hard to get onto the nails. I finally dumped out a puddle onto a piece of foil and picked out the stars and placed them with an orange wood stick. The base dries pretty quickly for being so weird and it dries kind of satin. It needs top coat. The brush is a tragedy. Seriously, kiddies. It's really bad. I will most likely use the stars, again in the future but I can't recommend this polish and I would not re purchase it. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great holiday (if you are celebrating) and a great day if this is just another day for you. Stay cool and may your polish never bubble.