Opening Ceremonies Nails

Hello gentle readers.

So, tonight (here in the U.S.) is the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. I am a big old dork and I love the Olympics. I am pretty glued to my TV from the Opening Ceremonies right through to Closing and when I can't sit on my tail feathers and watch, my DVR is going so hard that it smokes. To celebrate, I did my version of an Olympics manicure. I thought about nail art. Then thought not. My last few forays into nail art (save dots and roses) haven't come out so well, actually (if you don't believe me, go back a bit and feast your eyes on my Fourth of July nails... yeah... told you so) and I wasn't in the mood to spend all of that time and effort only to have globs of ugly on my fingertips. I decided to do a layered look instead and since everyone is going for the gold, I did gold nails.

This manicure is two coats of OPI Glitzerland topped with one coat of China Glaze Cleopatra and sealed with Seche Vite. Photos were taken in my lightbox, Some big, fat old clouds came across the sun just as I was ready to take pictures. I was kind of pissed, 'cause this is like bah-bling! in the sun.

What events are you most looking forward to seeing? I am a big fan of the equestrian events (of course! :D), gymnastics, diving, some of the swimming, tennis and some of the shooting events.

I don't plan to do individual swatch/review posts of these two polishes anytime soon. However, if you would like to see either on it's own, let me know and I'll be happy to swatch it for you.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading, today. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.