OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Hello gentle readers.

A week or so ago, I had to file my nails down. They had gotten nice and long but fragile and I had a couple of spots that kept giving me trouble so out came the file. Since I was sporting new shorties, I figured that it was the perfect time to take a little break from all of the brights, pastels and neons and get vampy.

And what vampy polish is the perfect vampy polish? Why, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, of course. Deep, dark, rich purple jelly. So sexy, sophisticated and chic. I felt like a million, wearing it. This polish is insanely popular and I fully understand why. It is fabulous. This is the first time I wore this beauty. It won't be my last, that is for sure.

This was two coats and Seche Vite. These photos were shot outdoors and one in the shade.

Holy cats, that stuff is gorgeous. And the formula is just about as flawless as it gets. Thick but not goopy, this jelly is beautifully fluid and smooth. Application is a breeze. A dream. This polish sat sweetly down where I placed it and whispered silkily up my nails, self leveled then quickly dried into a perfect, shining shell. I didn't have any trouble with streaking, dragging, running or pooling. I did have a bit of cleanup but only because by the time I got to applying this polish, I had swatch fatigue, my cuticles were swollen and stinging from remover and acetone and I just wanted to get done and give my poor fingers a break. And of course, in my haste to finish I got careless. And had to use even more acetone to do cleanup. Yeah. That was smart, huh? I wore this polish for four days and enjoyed every second of it. And the compliments that it received.

Do you own this beautiful, classic OPI polish? If you like dark and sultry colours on your nails, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is one polish that you should definitely have in your rotation. It is core line and you should be able to find it just about anywhere you can purchase OPI polishes.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great Monday and may your polish never bubble.


  1. love the name of it too. Lincoln Park After Dark :D  I haven't quite found myself comfortable in the darker shades but holy cow that really is shiny and pretty the way I like them. And so far OPI's are my fav. 

  2. Blackened colors are so gorgeous! This one is no exception!

  3. Your nails are gorgeous! They're just do perfectly filed and shaped. Could you do a little tutorial on how you file your nails or tell us which brand of files you use?

    Thank you!

  4. Such a classic shade. I am looking forward to fall/winter when I plan to pull out my vampy blackened shades. I did not wear them at all last winter. But after all the pales in spring and brights this summer, I think come fall I will be really ready to embrace some of my old fav deep colors again.

  5. Thank you. I love this one. A lot. :) I don't really worry too much what time of year it is. If I am in the mood for a polish, I wear it. Neon in January? Yes, please. Vampy in July? Ooooh, yeah! :D

  6. Isn't it s beaut? It has rocketed up into my Top Ten, fo' shizz. :)

  7. I like the name, too. :) A walk on the dark side is a scary one to take, at first. It took me a while to get used to seeing deep, vampy colours on my nails. Once I did, tho... There was no stopping me. I love my lights and brights but dark and vampy has a very special place in my heart and I just looooove it when I wear one. 

  8. This is my favorite color and always my go to polish! Doesn't matter what time of year... In fact I have it on right now.  When I want to polish my nails and I can't decide on what color,I will grab Lincoln Park after Dark and it never fails me!  LOVE LOVE LOVE

  9. It is the perfect vampy, anytime. :D


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