Random Stuff Sunday Presents: The Most Interesting Polish Addict in the World

Happy Sunday, gentle readers.

I saw this on Facebook and loved it, stole it and brought it right here to share.

You see, I am a giver. :D

Don't we all?

See you Monday or Tuesday... Just depending on how things shake out.



  1. Hilarious and soooooooo true!:D

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! I have about 4 or 5 of your posts on my G Reader to go through but haven't had the time. Hopefully tonight! But I saw this on my phone and about died laughing so I had to say something!

  3. Chameleon StampedeJuly 1, 2012 at 4:16 PM

    Hahahahahahahahahaha ...ok, this has to go up on my wall!!!

  4. I'm thinking of putting him there, too. :D

  5. I am getting used to using Reader since the blogroll system got all hacked up. I am kind of liking it. It is easy to keep track of everything and I actually read more posts then I did clicking links on my blogroll. I get feeds from everyone I follow who posts and it is fast and easy to get it all read. :D

  6. That's funny! I love those commercials, they're so terrible! =P


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