Change is Good

Hello gentle readers.

The times. They are a-changing. Change is good. I have been giving change a lot of thought, lately. Particularly changes to this blog.

No, sweet. I am not going anywhere. I am enjoying myself way too much to do that. But I am contemplating a pretty major change. I have been making plans, thinking, plotting and investigating to see what is possible and what is not. Believe me, this change is not a spur-of-the-moment thing. It has been rolling around in my head for quite a while, now. How long? At least a year. Yeah, I don't always move so fast!

But now...

It is time to pull the trigger.

It is time to change the name of this blog. 

I named this blog on an impulse without much careful thought and it has bugged me a bit almost from the outset and slowly but surely, it has begin to drive me absolutely crazy. Every time I open my blog page, I see my header and I cringe. I just can't bear the name of my blog, any longer.

I am going to keep it simple. Match the new name to my URL and call it good. Icy Nails is a name I can live with. It works with my chosen screen name and it is familiar enough to my gentle readers that it shouldn't be too jarring.

I hope that you all don't mind this too much. I know that this is my blog and as such, it is my right to make changes as I see fit but the changes I choose to make effects my readers, too on some level or other. Change upsets the balance, making the familiar feel uncertain. Please rest assured that the name change isn't going to mess with much else. I will still be treating you to my crazy hyperbole, butchered grammar and seriously bad photographs on a frighteningly regular basis.

Please bear with me as I enact these changes. It shouldn't take too long.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Because I am classy like that.

Talk to you all, later, gators.


  1. I read your blog through Google Reader so unless I click through (to leave a comment or something), I usually don't see your header. But I like Icy Nails! I think I noticed Icy Nails somewhere (on your blog, not elsewhere) in the past week or so, and it caught my eye...but I wasn't sure if it was new or I just hadn't noticed before.

    Thanks for the lovely pic of the bear... ha ha

  2. The bear is so classy, right? LOL

    I use as my watermark, that is probably where you have seen it. It is also my URL. :) I'm glad that you like the new name. :D

  3. I like the look of the new blog and I seriously love that bear!


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