Monday, Monday Crazy Layering Style

Hello gentle readers.

I was swatching a while back and I was nearing the end of a session and wanted to showcase yet one more polish but I had reached the point of swatch fatigue and, rather than cleaning off the prior layered swatch I had done and photographed, I just applied the next polish right on top and came up with something that I am definitely going to have to wear as a full mani, one day.

This is one coat of Wet-n-Wild Black Creme topped with one coat of China Glaze Summer Rain topped with two coats of China Glaze Dorothy Who? then Gelous and Seche Vite. Dorothy Who? is a beautiful, super sparkly deep blue glitter polish that has been sitting in my untried area for a very long time. Dorothy Who? is the same kind of China Glaze glitter as Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle. I love it. And I love this combo.

Call me crazy but doesn't this glow like the night sky just before dawn? You know that magical moment when it is still night but the sky is beginning to lighten just before the stars begin to disappear. There is just that... Feeling. That is what this layered combo evokes for me.

Have you tried any crazy layering combos, lately? Just, on impulse slopped something over something to make... Something?

thank you so much for popping in and visiting. Have a terrific Monday and may your polish never bubble.


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