OPI Classic Black Label Polish: Buffalo Billings Berry

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Friday! Woot! Here comes the weekend. Do you have plans? We don't. Probably going to do a lot of nothing. Sometimes, nothing is good.

Something I need to say, before I get started:

Clare Bella, Stay away from my blog and keep your hands off of my content and my photographs! You did not and do not have my consent to take and publish my content on your blog! I have filed a DCMA complaint against you.  

Attention, fellow bloggers:

Check this blog: Nail Today for your content. This blog is comprised entirely of stolen content; full posts, text and photographs. I think that most of the bloggers whose content is there know about it, but you might want to see if any of your content is there, too.

Today I am showing you an old, black label OPI polish that I received from a kind lady after I put out a Freecycle request, a long while back. This is Buffalo Billings Berry, a rich, smooth, not 3-free old formula stinky dark berry shimmer. This is two coats and top coat.

As you can see, I did a Dr. Destructo on the label. I was cleaning spilled polish and other random gunk, including, why it was there I know not, hot glue globs with acetone and got stupid and wiped the bottom of the bottle. I saw the black smear on the cotton pad I was cleaning with and instantly turned the air in my room quite blue. I turned the bottle over and sure enough, I had nearly obliterated the printing. Grrrr!!!! I could just kick myself for being so careless! 

As I mentioned earlier, Buffalo Billings Berry is an old, round brush, black label OPI. The formula is distinctly old school, no 3-free action, here, this stuff has all of those glorious chemicals that are so evil, yet made polish so lovely. This polish applied pretty nicely, it was strangely thick/thin and did clot a bit. It had sat so long, it should have had a little thinner added and had a good shake, shake, shake and been allowed to settle before I applied it. I'll do that, next time I use it. Other than that, the polish was pretty easy to work with. The formula is pretty fantastic and controlling this polish was a breeze; it sat sweetly down where I placed it, didn't run, pool or drag. Dry time is a little slow, fast dry top coat is a help, tho I would avoid using Seche Vite with some of these older polishes. 

I really like this polish and I have plenty for lots of uses, in the future. What do you think of OPI Buffalo Billings Berry? Do you own it? Isn't it gorgeous and shiny?  

Thank you so much for joining me, today. Have a terrific Friday and may your polish never bubble.


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