OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls: Review and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have one of the two polishes from the OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection that I purchased. This is My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a pale, pale, pale blue toned grey creme. This reminds me of old, faded, limewashed concrete baking in the sun. I like how light, clean and crisp this colour is and I dig the soft, greyed quality, as well. This polish is beautiful on it's own and I think that it will be a great base for stamping or other nail art.

I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

White or pastel cremes can sometimes have a difficult formula but OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls isn't one of those polishes. The formula on this one is smooth and creamy and quite biddable, sitting nicely down where it was placed without any silly business; there was no running, dragging or pooling on my cuticles. The first coat was a touch streaky but by the time I applied the second coat, all was well. If my nails were smoother, I could most likely have stopped at two coats but this polish needed a third to cope with my demon ridges. With Seche Vite, dry time was really good. Wear time wasn't stellar, I got three days out of this beauty and by then I had significant tip wear and some small chips. As I have said many times, short wear time isn't a problem for me as I am a frequent polish changer. If you like to wear a mani longer then a few days, careful touch ups and fresh top coat should keep this going for a good week or so.

I really like this polish and I am happy that I bought it. Do you own this pretty stuff? What do you think of it? If you are interested in acquiring it, you should be able to find it where OPI polishes are sold.

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a terrific day and may our polish never bubble.


  1. Gorgeous. I absolutely love this white on its own-- clean and striking without being altogether stark.

  2. Love this color. Bought it back in July

  3. I really like the look of this; clean, crisp and refreshing. Actually, I think that's the slogan of some soda brand, but it still fits the polish, nevertheless. And it looks terrific on you! ^^

  4. I hate when there is silly business when it comes to polish! I do not own this one-but it is pretty!


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