OPI Wing It: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have for you OPI Wing It from OPI's limited edition Summer Flutter Collection. I fell in love with this collection the moment it released and gradually acquired the three polishes that I wanted. Wing It has been residing in my untrieds for a long time. I finally decided to bust it out and swatch it. I hesitated about posting it this way, as a swatch and review; I am aware that it is getting to be a little hard to find and it might be a bit unfair to trot it out like this. On the other hand, it is so very pretty and I am going to have to feature it, sooner or later so...

OPI Wing It is a rather glorious thing to behold. The base is a glowing, warm pink-orange sheer jelly packed with duochrome glass fleck shimmer that flashes pink to blue and dances and shifts in the sun. So pretty is this polish. I love it. This swatch is two coats and top coat. I coulda, shoulda done three, I suppose. In person, this polish looked more opaque than it photographed. I think that you will get the idea of how pretty it is, even so.

In the interest of fair disclosure: These photographs were colour manipulated in my photo editing software in an effort to more accurately portray the true hue and to show the colour shift of the glass fleck shimmer. My camera has limited abilities as do I, in the editing department. I use pretty simple software. Picasa does some fun stuff yet is easy enough for even this puter challenged idiot to use. It is an easy, free and safe download and does more than the simpler software that is pre loaded on my laptop. I tried Gimp, an open source Photoshop type program. It was buggy, wouldn't bring up panes that had been closed, didn't like me and was too complicated for me. I kicked it to the curb. I really like Picasa. Now, if it would only make those cute, curved text watermarks I see on so many blogs, I would be content. For now. 

Geeze, Erika. Get sidetracked, much?

Okay, on to the formula portion of this review. Not a lot to say, actually. It's pretty flippin' flawless. This polish behaves like a true lady, sits sweetly down where placed, doesn't drag, streak, run, pool, bubble or do any other nasty little things that some less well behaved polishes can do. Dry time is good. If you can find and get your hands on this beauty, I recommend that you do so. It is worth owning. 

All righty, then. This turned out a bit longer than I had planned but what's new about that? I never could shut up. Do you own this beautiful polish? Wear it often? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.