Orly Preamp: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

How are we, this fine morning? Things are well in my house. If you are in the hurricane/tropical storm effected areas of the country I hope that you and yours are safe and weathering it all as best you can. My thoughts are with you all. Today's treat is Orly Preamp. This is the fourth polish in the Orly Electronica Collection for Back to School 2012 and it is, in my not so humble opinion, the beauty of the bunch. Orly Preamp is a lovely, girlie pink-y lavender jelly packed with beautiful duochrome glass fleck shimmer that, depending on the light and angle can shift from a gold/bronze to hot pink. This polish is all at once soft and glows. And, while it is feminine, delicate and very pretty, it isn't cutsie or bubblegum.

Can you tell that I kind of dig this polish? Yes? Good. Because I do.

This swatch is three coats and this one needed all three to reach full opacity. I topped it with top coat and shot these photographs under my OttLight. I am not getting much sunshine swatching done as the sun is not cooperative, this time of year. The day can start clear and bright but by the time I sit down to begin painting, towers start going up and before you know it, the sun is blocked and well... It's just easier to use my lightbox.

Yes, I am playing with angles. How did you guess? :P

Orly Preamp has a great formula, it is a bit on the jelly/sheer side and needs three coats to reach full opacity but those three coats just glide on like a dream. This polish sits sweetly down where it is placed, smooths up the nail with no streaking, running, pooling, dragging or other nonsense. I had very little cleanup with this polish, I think I picked up my brush just a couple of times and that was to do a little fussbudget refining. While I prefer a two coat polish, when it is as pleasurable to apply as this one, I don't mind three all that much. Dry time on this polish is a tad pokey; a good fast dry top coat will be of good service when you wear this polish. 

Do you own this pretty polish? Like it? If you are interested in acquiring it it is in release right now and should be available where you find Orly polish. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


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