Orly Synchro Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I was so excited to get my hands on the polish that I am about to show to you. The promo bottle pictures were so promising. Sadly, the polish in real life didn't live up to expectation. *sigh*

Orly Synchro is an orange jelly base with pink and blue duochrome shimmer. I applied three coats on my pinkie and ring and one coat over black on my middle and index. How incredibly disappointing. That polish went onto my nails and pretty much died on impact. It was brushstroke-y and dull, it lost that beautiful duochrome flash and dance over black and that stuff didn't want to dry. It refused to dry. Blech.

I don't meet many Orly polishes that I don't like but I don't think that I like this. I am not quite ready to give up on it, yet. I want to try a thin coat over pink and over orange to see what it looks like and see if Seche Vite will help it dry enough to make it wearable. This polish is almost there, it is almost fabulous. It looks as if they cheaped out on the shimmer a bit, bought some that was a bit too coarse, didn't add enough... I don't know. It's just such a bummer.

See what I mean? It's almost there, it is close but it doesn't go all the way. Don't polish companies test these polishes?

So, what say you about Orly Synchro? Did you pick up a bottle? Have you tried it? Did you have a better experience than I did or did it leave you flat, too? I'd like to hear what you have to say about this one.

Thank you for popping in and reading and getting an eyeful of this stuff. Have a superior day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I have found that many times Orly polishes look great in the bottle and not so great on my nails. I am sad to hear that this one will not even dry. Thanks for the review.

  2. My pleasure. (Or pain... LOL) 

    I am normally so pleased with Orly, but when they do a stinker, they do it right! LOL

  3. I did pick up this polish and it stayed on only as long just to shoot pictures for swatches!! I can't think of another nail polish I dislike more than this!!! It reminds me of tendons in raw meat!!! Bleeeh

  4. Ew! LOL

    This one is a stinker, fo shizz. 

  5. The only word I can think of here is anticlimactic. Rather more delicate than raw meat, but I am a vegetarian, so.... I typically think of things other than meat.  ;) Your cuticles look lovely, tho.

  6. Agree with ya...I looked at the 4 shades in this collection a week ago when I popped into Sally's and left with none of them. I kind of liked the pink with blue one - lighter than this one and not all brush strokey. But I thought about what I tend to wear and knew I would probably only buy it just for bottle looks and knowing I had it vs. really wearing it. This is sad when the shade looking either shimmery or duochrome in the bottle yet does not translate to the nail. 

  7. It was sad. This could have been a stunner and it just fell flat. 

  8. Anticlimactic works well. 

    Thank you for your compliment on my cuticles. I try to keep them up keep them looking and feeling healthy. :)

  9. The pictures looks absolutely FABULOUS, especially on black. So I don't quite get your heavy complaint.


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