Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

As election season heats up here in the Good Old U.S. of A., as candidates on both sides of the isle are beating the crap out of one another in an attempt to fool us into believing that they are the perfect person to run this great nation of ours, I thought that you might be fascinated by an archaeological discovery that was recently made.

 I found this floating around on Facebook. And yes, I know that the skull is upside down. But it's still freaking funny!

And that is about as political as it will get on this blog. I, like everyone else have a POV but this blog is a neutral zone. Politics and religion are not discussed here. Politicians as a species, however may be laughed at, here. (No names or parties, please.)

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for an announcement coming soon.