The Change is Done and Some Other Blathering and a Swatch

Hello gentle readers.

Ice Queen's Nail Parlour is now Icy Nails. I have to say, I like it so much better. I don't grit my teeth every time I open my blog, now. I changed my blog name in Bloglovin but I am waiting to hear from Hello Cotton about changing my page name. Facebook is being a big, fat butt. I can't change my fan page name on Facebook because I have over 200 Likes. What??? Not cool, Facebook. I can't get them to help me, either. *sigh* So, I either have to find a way around that (does anyone know one?) or I'll have to kill that page and start over with a new one. I would lose over 300 Likes.

I am nearing 1200 followers.

1200! Wow! Whould'a thunk it? Something is in the works for when I hit that number.

Okay, how's about a swatch? Something that has been kind of hanging around on my puter and hasn't been featured, yet. These are Sally Girl minis from Sally Beauty Supply in three neon shades. A bright, intense purple, pink and orange. I picked these up one day when I needed just a few more dollars to qualify for a coupon discount. I'm happy that they were just ninety-nine cents each because they were kind of a  disappointment. This skittle swatch is four coats and top coat. These polishes were not terribly easy to apply, I had a lot of streaking, some dragging and a good bit of cleanup to keep them off my cuticles. I will say that they are prettier. Much prettier in person than they photograph. My camera eats holo and screws with neon. Bad. In spite of needing a pile of coats and a somewhat dodgy application, they are kind of pretty. If you don't own any neons and want one just for a try on or a beach party or something, the Sally Girl isn't a bad option.

Okay, I think I am posted out, for today and I am sure that you are all sick as hell of me so I am going to run along.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great rest of your day and may your polish never bubble.


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