A Fast and Dirty Giveaway ~~ Open Internationally!

Hello gentle readers.

This giveaway is closed. Thank you for your entries! 

How about a fast and dirty giveaway? I have a brand new, never opened Limited Edition Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pumpkin Spice glitter polish from their Fall Collection 2011. This polish was wildly popular and sold out pretty quickly. I picked one up but never opened it, it has just been sitting in my Melmer, in the dark, all alone. So I thought, why not do a quick little giveaway? Give this pretty sparkler a loving home.

The Prize: Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pumpkin Spice

Here is how this will go down:

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere on the planet I can legally mail a package. I can not insure the package and once it leaves my hands at my Post Office, it will travel at the whim of the mail gods. I hope that it arrives safe and sound but I can't be held responsible if it doesn't. Any import/customs fees or taxes that might be levied are the responsibility of the winner.

You must be 18 or older or of legal age in your state/country OR have a parent or legal guardian's permission to enter this giveaway and to give me your address. I am not kidding about the permission thing... Don't put me in the awkward position of receiving an angry e-mail from a parent who is ticked off because some random broad on the Internet has their address and is sending stuff to their kid.

This giveaway is open when this post goes live and will close on Thursday October 4th.

Please let the Rafflecopter widget load and go to it. (I hope that I did this right! This is my first attempt at using this widget! If there is a problem, drop me a comment, I'll try to fix it.)

And... We're off! 


  1. I've only got the one brain I'm afraid, and I need that, so you'll just have to manage with the one you've got!

  2. You don't need to have a place for the email-it's part of the sign in to enter process-it automatically will show on your spreadsheet-I never have that as an entry on my giveaways. Don't need the name or the email-just the GFC and anyother crap you want people to do. So don't sweat it my dear! You will not see my entry-since I don't do drugstore brands or some types of glitter. You know the b*tch snob that I am!!!!!

  3. Well fine, then. :P LOL

  4. Good to know that being a moron won't drive me crazy with this giveaway. :D

    Yeah, I know that you're a drugstore polish disdaining, glitter snubbing bitch snob. It's part of your charm. ;)


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