Color Club Take Wing Miniseries Day One: Daisy Does It (Does What?) and Sparkle and Soar

Hello gentle readers.

Today begins my Color Club Take Wing Collection Miniseries. Three posts to show this awesome, sparkly Summer bright bunch of polishes released earlier this year. I know... It is almost Fall. I just recently found these polishes and I wanted to get them swatched and up before the snow flies so, here they are.

For episode one we have the the bright and bubbly. Citrus crisp and sweet as candy, Daisy Does It and Sparkle and Soar are bright, saturated jellies packed with glass fleck shimmer, some of which has a duochrome shift and micro glitter for additional sparkle and splash. Both of these swatches are three coats and top coat.

Daisy Does It is a lemon yellow jelly whose glass fleck shifts yellow, gold and green. Yes, you heard me right. Green.

 Sorry about how dark this shot is. It was the only light and angle that allowed my old camera to capture some of the green flash. In person, it is amazeballz.

Next up is Sparkle and Soar. This sweet orange soda jelly is fizzy with orange and gold sparkle from that fabulous glass fleck and microglitter goodness.

All of the polishes in this collection are pretty consistent as far as formula is concerned. Slightly thick yet very fluid jelly base with the glass fleck shimmer and some mocroglitter. There is a bit of texture, as you can imagine but it isn't gritty or bumpy. A nice, rich top coat goes a long way to making it look like glass and feel utterly silky smooth. Application is good, this polish can pool up a bit on the sides of the nails so a little care and a few extra strokes help to make it all nice and smooth, otherwise, this stuff is pretty well behaved. I didn't have any trouble with running, cuticle flooding, dragging or streaking. These polishes are a touch sheer, I needed a full three coats on all of them to reach opacity. Some VNL shows in my photographs but isn't visible in person. Dry time on these polishes is not stellar. A fast dry top coat is an asset here.

What do you think of these two delicious lemon and orange beauties? Personally, I like them and I need to let them spend more time on my nails. If you are interested in acquiring these polishes or any in this collection, they are available at some Ross stores from time to time (I found them in four packs, had to buy two to get the whole six polish set), various e-tailers and I imagine on E-Bay and so forth. They aren't difficult to get your hands on. Please tune in tomorrow for Episode Two.

Thank you for dropping in and reading. Have a fantastic day and may your polish never bubble.