Color Club Take Wing Miniseries Episode Two: Fly With Me and Metamorphosis

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Monday to you. *ducks and runs for cover*

Today I am continuing the Color Club Take Wing Miniseries with Fly With Me and Metamorphosis. I owe you an apology for my photographs. I had the worst time trying to get good shots of these two polishes. I don't know if it was my camera, the lighting (it was a darkly stormy day and I was shooting under my OttLight) my sorely lacking technique... I don't know. These lame offerings were the best I could conjure up from a huge pile of really, really bad photographs.

Fly With Me (I just love the name of this polish!) is a bright, lime green that can sift gold and blue, if you look at it in the right light. Sadly, I had the devil's own time photographing this polish and couldn't capture the shift. I was able to see it in person but I couldn't get my hand angled and in just the right light to allow my camera to get hold of it.

Metamorphosis is a beautiful teal green jelly with the glass fleck and microglitter. This one can show a lovely, subtle shift to purple and blue. Again, I was unable to catch it and I tried. At least sixty shots tried. It just never happened.

These two polishes are just like the first two from this collection that I showed and their formula, application and dry time are the same as well.

Please tune in tomorrow when I have somewhat better photos of the last of the six polishes in this collection. Thank you so much for popping in, Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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