Color Club Take Wing Miniseries Episode Two: Fly With Me and Metamorphosis

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Monday to you. *ducks and runs for cover*

Today I am continuing the Color Club Take Wing Miniseries with Fly With Me and Metamorphosis. I owe you an apology for my photographs. I had the worst time trying to get good shots of these two polishes. I don't know if it was my camera, the lighting (it was a darkly stormy day and I was shooting under my OttLight) my sorely lacking technique... I don't know. These lame offerings were the best I could conjure up from a huge pile of really, really bad photographs.

Fly With Me (I just love the name of this polish!) is a bright, lime green that can sift gold and blue, if you look at it in the right light. Sadly, I had the devil's own time photographing this polish and couldn't capture the shift. I was able to see it in person but I couldn't get my hand angled and in just the right light to allow my camera to get hold of it.

Metamorphosis is a beautiful teal green jelly with the glass fleck and microglitter. This one can show a lovely, subtle shift to purple and blue. Again, I was unable to catch it and I tried. At least sixty shots tried. It just never happened.

These two polishes are just like the first two from this collection that I showed and their formula, application and dry time are the same as well.

Please tune in tomorrow when I have somewhat better photos of the last of the six polishes in this collection. Thank you so much for popping in, Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love Metamorphosis!!! And I had a hard time photographing it too!!! Didn't stop me from wearing it multiple times, this color is to die for!!

  2. Amazing colors! This whole collection just looks so pretty to me.

  3. I love, love, love Metamorphosis, but I can't help thinking sadly, (Thanks, Franz Kafka!) for poor Gregor Samsa. On a happier note, the first polish now has the Frank Sinarta song in my head. Oh well, things could be worse

  4. It is pretty. :D

  5. It's a real bugger, isn't it? It is so much prettier in person. :)

  6. I don't know which of these I love more! They are both so gorgeous!


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