I Give Up!

Hello gentle readers. My blog is safe, again. :)

No, I am not giving up on this blog. I give up on having a blogroll. I came by this morning to check on the progress of my giveaway and got that oh-so-delightful (NOT) red screen telling me that my blog was infected. This time, the source seems to be Beauty Broadcast blog. Needless to say, I am not linking. If you have that blog on your blogroll or anyone on your blogroll who has that blog on their blogroll, may be triggering the warning. The fastest way to fix the problem is to remove your blogroll widget. Or you can sift through and remove Beauty Broadcast and any blogs that have Beauty Broadcast on their blogrolls.

Now, thanks to some random asshole hacker, I have to go find the blogs that I read that aren't in my Google reader and bookmark them and read from my damned bookmarks, again. I am so sick of this nonsense. Seriously. Why can't people just leave websites and blogs the hell alone, already?