Nubar Indigo Illusion

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am treating you to a real beauty. Nubar Indigo Illusion.

Yowza. Duochrome gorgeousness.

Gorgeousness, I say.

This is one of the prettiest duochrome polishes I have ever met. Now mind you, I don't own a huge lot of them but of the few I have, this one is an eye popper. I had this polish on the last time I went in to have my hair done and my stylist went crazy for it. I don't blame her, really. Nubar Indigo Illusion is a shifter with pink, purple, green, grey, blue, gold and a touch of bronze. It's crazy amazing, never looks the same, depending on the light and angle at which it is viewed. This mani was two coats and Seche Vite.

There are only four photographs in this post, It could have been fifty. This stuff looked different in every shot I took of it and, surprisingly, just about every photograph (except the ones in which my posed nails looked like drunken tombstones in a high wind) was a good one and could have been used. Strange.  Really strange.  I never get that many good shots. This polish is magic, gentle reader. Magic.

Anywhoozle, here's the pretty.

 Look at that!

 Look at it!

 Just... Look at it!

 Guh! *drool* 

As anyone who is familiar with Nubar knows, the formula on this polish is just about as flawless as it gets. It applies like a dream; it doesn't streak, bubble, run, pool, drip or drag. While I am definitely a wide, flat brush kinda girl, I like Nubar's round brush. It is a bit fuller, kind of mop-like and it conforms to my nails and makes application even nicer. Dry time for this polish is pretty close to stellar. It is dry to a gentle touch in moments, top a full mani with Seche Vite and you are out the door in very short order.

I was impressed with the wear time of Nubar Indigo Illusion. I wore this polish for a solid five days with mere minimal tip wear. The morning of the sixth day, it finally started chipping. While I was in the shower. What was up with that? Anyway, I was super impressed with how well it wore. If I get a solid three to four days out of a polish before it chips on me, I call that very good. Five days blows my little mind.

Nubar Indigo Illusion is a very special, beautiful polish and if you like duochromes, it is definitely worth acquiring and adding to your stash. I found mine on Amazon, you can get it here on Nubar's website and I imagine that various brick and mortar stores have it as well as E-Bay? No. I am not going to search E-Bay. That place gives me the heebie jeebies. You can go on over there by yourself. Just don't come crying to me if something jumps out of the bushes and eats you while you are there.

So, what do you think of the oh-so-gorgeous Nubar Indigo Illusion? Do you own it? Are you now craving it? Please do tell, I'd love to hear with you think.

Okay. Must run. I have stuff to do. Did you know that Facebook is a big fat poopy-meanie-head? I want to change my fan page name to match my new blog name but because I am over 200 Likes, I can't. I will have to kill my page and start a whole new one. Months of work on that page down the drain. Thanks a lot, Facebook. Way to run a business, there.

Thank you for popping in and reading and putting up with my whining. Have a great Wednesday and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Gorgeous colour, have yet to try anything by this brand:)

  2. Thanks. This is gorgeous. Nubar is good polish. I only own a few but the ones I do are stellar. It's slightly spendy but well worth the price. :)

  3. This is one of my favorite duochromes. Looks lovely on you!

  4. OK, I have decided (based on this post) that I absolutely MUST HAVE this polish.

  5. Yay! I think that you'll love it. :D

  6. Thank you. :)

  7. Thank you. It is, isn't it? :D

  8. Beautiful duo!! Things always jump out of bushes and eat me on eBay o.O its a scary

  9. Thank you. :)

    Ha! I knew it! And they told me I was paranoid...

  10. Subliminally SmittenSeptember 5, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    I am a Nubar lover indeed but I am not big on the douchrome polishes. I must admit this is pretty pretty though. I cannot tell a lie!

  11. An acquaintance on Facebook wanted to slightly change her business name page on Facebook too, and got told the same thing. I suggested this to my friend, but never found out if it worked or if she even tried it. Can you send a message to all the people that like you to "unlike" you for a set time period, say one week, so you then have less than 200 likes, and then change the name? Then they can all like you again, your page name is different... seems simple enough, right?

  12. This polish is truly breathtaking, indeed. I do not as yet own any Nubars. I drool over duochromes, so this may be my first Nubar! I will hunt it down, even if it's the last thing I do. Well, then I won't get to enjoy it, will I? Thank you for the gorgeous swatches!

    FYI, I hate Facebook. Never trusted them. Not that my opinion helps you any, but just to commiserate.

  13. We all have things we like and don't like so much. Wouldn't this world be boring if we all loved the same things? LOL I can appreciate the beauty of something even if it isn't my bag. :D

    I need more Nubar in my life.

  14. An interesting idea but not really practical. I am just going to open a new page and beg for Likes. I am pretty shameless, I can do that.

    Facebook is mean. :(

  15. Indigo Illusion isn't hard to find. I bought mine from Amazon for a buck less than the price on the Nubar site and got free shipping. :D You are certainly welcome. I like doing it.

    Eh... I don't put anything on Facebook I wouldn't put anywhere else. My name is hardly a state secret and I look at it this way, when it comes to the Internet, there is no such thing as true privacy or security. Not really. If someone is bound and determined to get your shit and mess you up, they are going to do it. I just have to hope that my shit isn't something some asshole wants to get. *shrug* I take the usual precautions... I have fantastic anti-virus and a firewall of death and I don't do stupid things like publish my SSN or my mother's maiden name, passwords and so forth so I hope I am okay. :)

  16. Great photos. This is a stunning polish. It never gets brushstrokey. Right there along with you, highly recommend Nubar polishes. They have some amazing duochromes. Not sure why they discontinued one called Peacock Feather, That is one of my all time favs..this one shown is a more indigo/denim look than Peacock Feathers. If you ever get a chance to pick up Peacock Feathers it's so worth it!

  17. This is one of my favorite Nubars

  18. It has become one of mine, as well. :)

  19. Thanks. :)

    Peacock Feathers is on my lust list.

  20. Thank you, I love this one. :D


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