OPI Just Spotted the Lizard: Swatch and Review With Special Bonus Kitty Action

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have for you the lovely duochrome shifter OPI Just Spotted the Lizard. This polish is similar to several polishes like this that are making the rounds. I suppose Chanel Peridot was one of the earliest and seems to have started the whole green/gold/blue/grey duochrome trend. I don't own Chanel Peridot so I can't say that this is a dupe. I do own a couple of other duochromes of this ilk, tho. Just Spotted the Lizard is one of the prettier I have put on my nails.

This is three thin coats and top coat. I am raging at Beauty Secrets, right now. I was using that brand base and top coat for swatching but I am going to lob them. They too often result in wavy and bubbly finishes and I am tired of it. So much for saving a bit of moolah. I will just have to invest in good but not as pricey as Seche Vite for that purpose. I suppose I could have re done the swatch but I had a migraine slamming into my brain and by the time the polish was on, I just wanted to grab my camera, shoot the photos and get done.

These photographs were shot indoors and in sun and shade. There are lots and lots, as I wanted to give a really good look at what this polish does both in the bottle and on the nails in different lights and at different angles. If you have this or any like it, you are already familiar with the tricks it can do. I wish that my camera had been successful at capturing the gorgeous navy blue shift in this polish. I was mesmerized by it, drooling and babbling like an addlepated fool as it played tricks with my eyes.

Get ready for photo overload.

I could just kick my ass and that of my camera for not capturing this polish as it looks in person. *sigh*

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard has a splendid formula. It applied like a dream, sat right down where I placed it, smoothed sweetly up my nails and didn't run, pool, drag, streak, bubble (until I hit it with that hateful Beauty Secrets top coat) or give me any other trouble. Dry time is fast, this is dry to a gentle touch in mere moments. It is a little brushstroke-y but that shows more in macro photography than it does to the casual observer. While this polish isn't terribly unique, it is beautiful, the the formula is typical OPI fabulous and I don't regret one bit buying it, unique or no. I heartily recommend going out and grabbing this one, if you like these green-y/gold duochromes. 

Here is a picture of my swatching assistant, Marley. He was all tuckered out from watching me paint my nails and hanging out in the window, soaking up the sun and watching the bees buzz in the lavender (I think it's lavender. Might be purple sage?) bush outside my bedroom window. How do you like my oh-so-elegant dressing table top? It's a piece of 24" X 6' X 3/4" ply that I put over my old dressing table and my Melmers, stacked at the other end. It looks like hell but it sure is nice to have all of that room to work. I have my makeup station at one end, polishing station at the other. I have plans for fixing it up but it is doing the job, for right now. Ugly tho it be. 

Okay, time to shut up, now. Thank you so much for popping in and reading and everything. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I picked up Maybelline's boho gold from the limited edition fall line. While it leans more bronze, it's gorgeous. I have swatches up if you're interested!

  2. I've been using ChG Fast Forward for a couple years now and really like it. If you so to Gabriell's Edge of Insanity blog and search 'top coat test', there was actually an unexpected winner that I got y hands on a large bottle of quite cheaply, Be Natural Seal and Set. I works quite well, but I don't use it as often because it steeeeenks.

  3. Pretty color! And what a cute kitty!

  4. I love the word ilk, lol. And, I love Peridot and all its dupes I could stare at them all day, lol. I have the China Glaze one and I loooove it.

  5. Isn't ilk a fabulous word? I trot it out as often as I can. :D

    I like duochromes and this one, in particular. The shift is so fabulous. A lot of brands are doing it so well. :D

  6. Thank you.

    Marley thanks you, too. <3

  7. I like China Glaze Fast Forward well enough but it is too spendy for a swatching top coat. I leave swatches on my nails for a few minutes then they are gone and on to the next one. I just can't stomach using expensive top coat in that fashion. LOL I want to find something that works well, gives a pretty look (it doesn't have to dry fast, or at all, really) and won't much up my swatches. II was using Color Club top coats I got in sets but those are all gone. They were sooo perfect for swatching, too. :)

  8. I've heard quite a few others complaining about how these gold to green duochromes are all dupes, but no matter how many times I see it I love this color, It's absolutely beautiful. I love how well you captured the shift in pictures!

    Also, on an old topic, I love the new blog name. :)

  9. There are a lot of these dupes running around but I like them. I have... Three? I think? An Ozotic, a China Glaze and this one. They are all part of my polish family. :D Thank you for your kind words about my photographs. Duochromes are a challenge to capture. LOL

    Thanks for the like on my new blog name. I finally changed it, yesterday. I just couldn't stand the other one, any longer! LOL

  10. Now that's just gorgeous...I actually bought the Spiderman OPI mini-set when the movie came out and it included this polish. I hated two out of the four in the kit (a boring pink and a navy blue that went on too sheer) so I actually returned it, but now I'm wishing I still had this one! There was also a sort of nickel/platinum color in that set that was pretty lovely as well...I can't recall the name.

  11. This one is worth hunting down, it's just that pretty. :)

  12. KatXoXoPeacelovefashionxoxoSeptember 1, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    It is a very nice color!!

  13. I love seeing pics of Marley (love that name!). I have two orange tabbies and have the sweetest temperament of any cats I have or had, except my black female. But no matter, I love them all!

    I love this color, as well. I recently purchased the Maybelline Color Show LE version, and, while the color shift is not as apparent, it does fit my budget (the Chanel Peridot most certainly does not) and I enjoy it. The OPI looks wonderful on you and will have to seek an affordable retailer, if some such 'ilk' exists. ;)

    As far as top and base coats go, have you tried Sinful Colors? I believe they are about $4. each, which isn't too bad. I have the base coat and it does perform quite well for the price.

    One more as far as: I really like the new blog title. The old one was quite agreeable as well, but the new one gives it a bit of a spark. It's nice to change things up now and then, isn't it?

    Have a restful holiday---you've earned it!

  14. Marley says thank you and sends nose kisses. I wouldn't call him sweet, really. He is very well mannered and beautifully behaved (doesn't go on my counters or dining table, never scratches, claws or bites, is a good boy with his litterbox and so forth) but sweet, he isn't. He won't tolerate being picked up and he only cuddles when he wants to cuddle and will only let you pet him when he wants to be petted.Usually when he is kissing ass to get gushy food. LOL He is very independent and very much his own cat. But I like him, snot face tho he is. <3

    I may try the Sinful base and top for swatching. They don't have to be long wearing just give lovely results for photography then clean off fast and easy. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    Thank you. I like my new title. I chewed on it for a long time and I'm really happy that I went for it. :D

  15. For affordable Seche Vite and CND base coats (Stickey and Ridge Out) I get the huge 2.3 oz professional refills through Amazon for about $25. If you go this route with the Seche Vite you will definitely need to get some Seche Restore as well.

  16. I have considered ordering the large Seche refills from Amazon but I wonder if it is authentic Seche Vite. I might take a chance, one day. I use Beauty Secrets polish thinner and it works great with Seche Vite as well as my regular polishes and is less expensive and easier to get my hands on.

    I wish that China Glaze sold Strong Adhesion Base Coat in big refill sizes! That is my HG base coat. :D

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