Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to my fellow Americans and I hope that everyone else in other places are having a terrific day.

So... Who had pancakes for brekkie?


Perhaps a nice sweet, ripe banana? 

Om, nom, nom, nom!

I'm taking tomorrow off, I will see you all back here on Tuesday. Kisses!


  1. Cute, as always! And a happy Labor Day to you as well, Erica. See you on Tuesday. Be safe and well.

  2. Still playing with your food, Ice Queen??? ;P

  3. hahaha, oh these are so funny!!! Someone must have been really bored (and so patient!!) to carve out those bananas! they're spectacular though!

  4. Thanks, sweetie. I hope that you have a terrific holiday. :D

  5. Can't help myself. :P LOL

  6. I know, right? I get carving melons and pumpkins, even making roses out of radishes but bananas? Who thinks of that? LOL

  7. Food art is so impressive! Especially those bananas! I just love the eggs, though! ^.^

  8. I know... Poor eggs! LOL The bananas kind of freak me out! LOL


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