China Glaze Bizzare Blurple and Make a Spectacle

Hello gentle readers.

Here are the next polishes in this trio of review posts focusing on the China Glaze Wicked Collection for Hallowe'en 2012. Bizzare Blurple is a blurple (blue-purple) crelly base packed with a fine blue to purple shifting shimmer. This is spooky and delicious, I could see it playing well with black and orange and green for Hallowe'en nails.

I applied two coats and Seche Vite for this swatch.

I did the best I could with this polish and my camera. This little beauty is a little biotch to photograph.

 See how the shimmer looks blue on my nails?

 In this shot you can see that floating shifting shimmer is now purple. Phantasmic, isn't it? 

China Glaze Bizzare Blurple is pretty. Much prettier than I could capture with my camera. The formula on this polish is nice. It is smooth and very silky and applies easily and isn't too much trouble to control. Not too much. It is a tad thin and wants to run a bit so a little care and your cleanup brush at the ready to whisk away any pooling would be advisable. You don't want this to sit on your cuticles too long. Like most polishes of this ilk, it can stain skin. I didn't have to worry about streaking, dragging or bubbling and dry time is pretty good. 

If you are looking for a beautiful blurple polish for Hallowe'en or just for general wear, this one would be a good choice. 

Now, let us examine one of the two glitters in this year's China Glaze Wicked Collection. Hello Make a Spectacle. (Spectacle... Specter... Get it? :D) Wait a minute! Now this one is definitely a repromote! It looks just like China Glaze Snow Globe from the Let It Snow Collection for Holiday 2011. 

Let us examine the evidence, shall we? Exhibit A is a side by side bottle shot: Upon close examination of this photograph, there is a difference. Can you see it?

That's right. You spotted it. There is an ethereal, ectoplasmic green glow lurking in the bottle of Make a Spectacle. 

Here it is on my nails and a closer shot of the bottle, too. Make a Spectacle is on my index, ring and pinkie, Snow Globe is on my middle. 

Snow Globe is an iridescent glitter mix of small square and hex pieces and larger hex sequins and is very colourful, like Christmas lights. Make a Spectacle has more small iridescent bits, medium and larger hex sequins and the added beauty of tiny iridescent square glitter that shifts to that unearthly, spookalicious green glow.

See the difference? Trust me, it is far more visible in person. Far, far more visible. This glitter topper is fantasmic-orgasmic. I love this. Love, love, love this.

The formula on Make a Spectacle is really nice. It smooths easily up the nail, sits down where it is placed and doesn't drag, streak or give any real trouble. Like most glitters, this one benefited from a tiny bit of patting on a few bits in a few bare-ish spots, just to fill in but it wasn't any real trouble. Dry time is really good. I topped this glitter with Gelous and then Seche Vite. The glitter, it's self dries surprisingly smooth but the top coat duo made the finish smooth and glossy as polished glass. I like smooth and glossy as polished glass.

So, gentle readers. What say you? Like? Want to grab some Bizzare Blurple? A bottle of ectoplasmic gorgeous glitter in the form of Make a Spectacle? If you are craving either or both, just float your spooky self down to your local Sally Beauty Supply or wherever else China Glaze is sold and glom on to them before they all disappear.

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