China Glaze Wicked: Roguish Red and Glitter Goblin

Hello gentle readers.

Today wraps up my trio of China Glaze Wicked Collection for Hallowe'en 2012 review posts. The two final polishes are Roguish Red and Glitter Goblin.

Roguish Red is a beautiful, warm, red-orange creme. This polish pulls more orange than red on me. I was honestly expecting it to tone more red than it does. I don't mind, tho. I like this colour a lot and I think that it is a versatile shade that can travel with you from season to season.

This swatch is two coats and Seche Vite.


The formula on China Glaze Roguish Red is really great. Smooth, creamy, easy to apply and control, this polish lies down where I put it and goes on without dragging, streaking, bubbling, running or pooling in my cuticles. Dry time is good, too. This colour isn't terribly unusual but it is a splendid example and if you are craving a colour like this, well worth getting your hands on.

And now for the grand finale. This is Glitter Goblin. When I took the bottles out of the little shipping box at Sally's where I bought these polishes, I pulled this one out and squealed. Yes. I actually squealed. I was that delighted with what I saw. Getting this polish on my nails I am still delighted and I think that you might be, as well.

China Glaze Glitter Goblin is a clear base with all tiny square glitter particles in orange, holo silver and flashes of purple, green and even blue. This stuff is so pretty to the eyes. My camera had a tough time with this stuff, this polish scintillates and sparkles and it freaks the poor old thing right out.

I did two coats on my index and ring and one coat on middle and pinkie. This glitter builds well, It was near to opaque in two coats, in three I imagine it would be. Since I tend to layer my glitters over base colours rather than wear them alone, that is how I showed it. This swatch is topped with a coat of Gelous then Seche Vite. Look how shiny and glossy.

Blur shot to show the flash. 

The formula on Glitter Goblin is smooth and application is easy and smooth. The first coat is scattered enough without being sparse to make a pretty sparkly topper. Subsequent coats give a more intense, paved look. Dry time is quick and it dries slightly satin. A top coat is in order for maximum gloss, sparkle and shine. I like to use a coat of Gelous then Seche Vite to make the glitter come alive, sparkle, dance and dazzle my eyes. This double coat process also ensures a lovely, glass smooth finish.

So, there we have it. The China Glaze Wicked Collection for Hallowe'en 2012. Did you pick up any of these? What do you think of them? Like them as much as I do? I love China Glaze's Hallowe'en collections. I have the last three and I am tickled pink with all of them.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Aaaah you are killing me!!! I was only going to pick up immortal... Then you show me the bizarre Blurple. And now this red!!! Damn!! I'm still on the fence with the Make a Spectacle.. It looks gorgeous in the bottle, but do I need it??? :)))

  2. I had to get them all! I love China Glaze and I LOVE Halloween :) I just got them yesterday and I can't wait to wear them. Your swatches were all gorgeous!

  3. Why, thank you. :) Isn't this collection irresistible? Not a dud in the bunch. Enjoy your pretties. :D

  4. Yes, you need it. LOL This collection is full of pretty, isn't it? :)

  5. The blur shot is so stunning. Love the base so rich.

  6. Thank you. :)

  7. I'm by a fan of glitter nail varnish, I know it is highly fashionable but I change my bail colour that often and the glitter polishes are so hard to remove, I find anyways. The red it gorgeous though!! X

  8. You just made me want to get Roughish Red - hopefully my Sally's got the Wicked collection in - they still did not have it as of early this week...going to call them now but I think they only get stock on Tues.

  9. I think that you'll really like it. Roguish Red is really pretty. :)

  10. I love working for Sally's because I love nail polish. I have the 4 pk. piece of this collection and then i have the Cast A Spell and the Make Spectacle.


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