Let's Get Wicked! Starting with China Glaze Cast a Spell and Immortal

Hello gentle readers.

Happy October!

I am so excited to bring you this upcoming trio of posts featuring the China Glaze Wicked Collection for Hallowe'en 2012. Wicked is a six polish collection that has a little bit of everything for polish lovers, everywhere. There is jelly, creme, a duochrome, a fine holo like shimmer, glitter... All kinds of lovely colours and textures. I bought this collection early in September at my local Sally's. It wasn't supposed to be available  until later in the month but my gal who hooks me up sold it to me early. She's a peach.

Since all of these polishes are so different, I will be posting full reviews with each post.

Okay, let's get started, shall we? Today we are going to look at China Glaze Cast a Spell and Immortal.

Cast a Spell is a glorious dark slightly blackened green base with a sparkling gold glass fleck like shimmer. This polish is really lovely. And it isn't just Hallowe'en. This polish can carry right on into the holidays. Applied with care and a little attention, this polish is a one coat wonder. Yep. You heard me right. One. Coat. That is what I applied for this swatch. I topped it with Seche Vite.

Buckle up, kids. There are lots and lots of photographs, ahead.

Nice, no? This polish is very rich, opaque and smooth. Application was pretty easy, just be sure to keep your cleanup brush ready because it has a tendency to want to run a little. I had to be quick to keep this stuff corralled. It wasn't crazy runny, but I tend to paint with a lot of polish on my brush so it had more of an opportunity to try to get away from me. Other than that, the formula is fabulous. This polish is, with the right application a true one coat wonder. I had a smooth, even, streak free, fully opaque finish with one coat. There was no dragging or bubbling or other nonsense. Dry time is good with this polish, A good fast dry top coat just enhances that.

After I finished photographing this swatch, just for fun I dug out China Glaze I'ts Alive from last year's Hallowe'en collection and painted one coat on my index and ring nails to see how it would look as an accent to Cast a Spell. I kinda really like this. What do you think?

I topped the nails with It's Alive on them with Gelous then Seche Vite. That combo makes for the smoothest, glossiest glitter nails.

Next up is Immortal. This is a medium, slightly green toned grey jelly packed with a beautiful, spook-a-licious holo like shimmer. The shimmer flashes in tiny sparks of silver, blue,green, pink and purple. This is a unique and very pretty polish. This swatch is two coats and Seche Vite.

My camera did not capture the shimmer as it appears in person. Trust me, it is really special. Don't let these photographs fool you.

 You can see hints of the different colours in the photo above. 

Am I lying? Is this not pretty? The formula is just as nice as this polish is great to look at. Smooth and biddable, this polish gave me no real trouble. Application is easily controlled, there is no dragging, running, pooling, bubbling or other funny business. The first coat is a little streaky, as is fairly common with jellies but by the time the second coat smoothed on, the finish was perfect; even, level and opaque. Dry time is good. Stroking on a nice fast dry top coat just makes that better.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Wait a danged minute, here. Is this an repromote of the On Safari Collection's beautiful Elephant Walk? The simple answer to that is no. While both Immortal and Elephant Walk are beautiful grey polishes with shimmer, they are not the same polish nor are they dupes. Immortal, on my index and ring nails in the  photograph below is darker, with that hint of green and the multi coloured holo like shimmer. Elephant walk is lighter, it is a crelly and the shimmer is very fine and is silver.

So, what do you think of China Glaze Cast a Spell and Immortal? Liking what you see? Have you picked these up yet? If you haven't and are interested, they are out, now. I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply but they should also be available at other beauty supply stores, Ulta, e-tailers wherever you can find China Glaze.

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Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.