Nail Art Fail

Hello gentle readers.

Because it is my policy to share the good, the bad and the ugly, here is some astonishingly ugly.

This is China Glaze Roguish Red stamped with BM 224 with China Glaze Holly Day. Fail. Smearage. The green looks a mucky mess, thanks to it not being quite opaque enough to be fully green against the orange. Blech.

Add other nails painted in Funky Fingers purple (don't know the shade name) and topped in Orly Flash Glam FX in Monster Mash. Everything is topped with Gelous and Seche Vite.

Throw it all together and you get this:

 Uuuuuuguhleee. I forced myself to wear this for almost two days. It was torture. Torment. Ah well, we live and we learn, hmmm? I coontinue to learn that nail art, except for the occasional accident, is not my forte. I wish it were, I'd love for it to be, as I enjoy the process and love wearing something pretty and different on my nails.

Do you do nail art? Do it well? Not so well?

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your nail art turn out much better then this.


  1. Hehe, ok so I would go with either one, either just pumpkins, or just the glitter.. :))). And your stamping is not bad!!!! I've been trying and trying as well and sometimes it works, sometimes I just end up cursing my stamper away... KEEP TRYING!!!!! :)

  2. If I were as brave as you are, I would have taken pictures of my epic nail art fail this weekend. I'm a big wussy, though, so I just took it all off. Trust me, you're much better at stamping than I am. And Gosia's right, this would have looked fine if you went all glitter or all stamping.

  3. I agree. stamping or glitter. The two just didn't mix. LOL I usually stamp okay, that one ended up a little smeary. And I had to kick my ass about it. LOL

  4. I agree with her, too. Should have skipped the glittah. LOL I just love to share. :D

  5. Um yeah-this is definitely not pretty! I admire that you showed it-I like to do that once in a while as well. I refuse to take it all off and start over-like you I wear it no matter what. I'm way too lazy. Been there done that my dear! but hey it IS Halloween-so you could say you did this to scare us for the holiday!

  6. LOL! That's right. I did it on purpose to give you all a big Boo! :D


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