Orly Rococo-A-Go-Go: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a swatch of the final Orly Mineral FX polishes from their Autumn 2011 Collection. This was a collection that I had to acquire in it's entirety and I am so glad that I finally found and bought this polish. It's a beauty. A purple, shimmery, shifty, rich, delicious beauty.

This swatch is two coats and top coat.

While most of the Orly Mineral FX polishes have a lovely formula, this one gave me a bit of trouble, it was thick and gloopy and difficult to work with. I don't think that I can blame the polish, entirely, tho. I ordered this one from Beauty dot com and when it arrived there was a huge amount of polish globbed all over the neck of the bottle under the cap and I wonder if due to spillage there was some evaporation. I thinned this after I swatched it and it should be fine, next time I use it. This polish didn't run or pool or bubble and dry time was good, so I am not hating on it.

This polish is so freaking pretty that even if it does persist in being a brat, I will continue to love it. Like a snotty child who just needs a little time out. I didn't toss my son out the window when he was naughty, so I am letting this one stay in the family. If you would like to add this pretty to your polish family, it is available, here and there. Last time I looked, I couldn't find it on Amazon but Beauty dot com had it (hopefully your bottle won't be the gunked up mess mine was!) and I imagine that you could find it on E-Bay, in a dusty, at the odd beauty supply or e-tailer.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Very pretty! I have this one and I didn't have any formula problems.

  2. As I suspect, mine was probably a little evaporated thanks to the nasty gloop fest up under the cap. I could kick Beauty dot com's ass for sending me a grossed out polish. I paid full price for that baby and six bucks shipping. The more I think about it, the hotter I get under the collar. LOL

  3. Thank you. I love this colour. :)

  4. Scores this at TJMAxx today for $3.99!


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