Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

Wanna see some fun cat pictures? I found some great stuff on Facebook, snagged them to share. Just to be clear, these are not mine, I am just sharing.

These are some good reasons to love Fall.

Been doing a little online dating? Looking for love in all the Internet places?

Do you run around the house fresh scrubbed? In front of your cat?

Have a terrific Sunday. I plan to.


  1. Anna's Polish AddictionOctober 21, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    I love Pusheen the Cat :D

  2. LMAO! Erica, you rock!!!

  3. I soooooo love all the fall pies - pumpkin and apple/cranberry are my top favs - depends on how the pecan pie is made if I will waste my calorie on it - but if it's a great one, it's totally worth a splurge. Trader Joe's just started stocking their (non frozen) bakery pumkin pies about 1 week ago in my area. Worst part is they need to be gobbled up fast even if kept in the frig - they grow mold faster than my homemade ones - go figure!

  4. That is so weird. Of course, a pumpkin pie would never last long enough in this house to grow mold. My son can put down a pie in 6.2 seconds. :D

  5. Glad you enjoyed. :D

  6. So so I. So logical. :)


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