Shimmer Glitter Polish Series ~ Swatches, Reviews and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

I was recently contacted by the owner of Shimmer Polish, an indie brand, and asked if I would like to review some of her polishes. Would I? You bet your sweet bippy I would! I received twelve bottles of polish to review. Twelve! I was surprised and delighted at the large number of pretty polishes sent to me. They arrived all securely wrapped in bubble wrap and snuggled in a well padded mailer. And they arrived fast! From Shimmer's location in Southern California to me in Central Arizona was just a couple of days. The polishes are half ounce size and are packaged in simple, cylindrical bottles that look a lot like Seche Vite bottles (but have better brushes) and they are labeled with round silver labels with the polish brand and shade name, which are all women's names printed in black. On each label is a tiny sticker or crystal, as well.

Shimmer is sold on Etsy for twelve dollars U.S.D per bottle. You can find Shimmer on Facebook and there is a blog, too.

Here is a group shot of all of the pretties.

Now, I had to give a little thought to how I was going to review and showcase these polishes. All at once? Break it up into a couple of posts? I decided to do a series of six posts, two polishes at a time. That way I can spin it out a bit, prolong it the way I like to do.

The formula on these polishes is consistently good across the board with two slight exceptions. For glitters, these polishes are very smooth, fluid and easy to apply and control. These glitters spread easily up the nails and don't require much patting or coaxing into place. I only had to do a little cozening here or there to fill a bare spot. There was no real streaking, no dragging, running or pooling and I didn't have to do much cleanup. Jennifer and Melissa were a little thicker, a little snotty to work with but it wasn't a major issue; a bit of thinner sweetened them right up. Dry time is really swift and the surface of the glitter, even without top coat was pretty smooth. There is some texture but none of that crazy grittiness you can get from some other glitter polishes. I found that I had a beautiful, glassy, glossy finish with a coat of Gelous topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

I decided to show these polishes with a coordinating or contrasting base colour as that is how I like to wear glitter polishes. I applied one coat on three nails and two coats on all ring nails to show how beautifully these glitters build up and how they can be, if you choose, worn opaque and alone. For you purists, I am also including a shot if each glitter in one coat on a nail wheel so that you can see it in it's natural form.

Let us begin with Vicki, a light pink base swimming with pink small and medium hex pieces and larger holo silver hex sequins accented with iridescent bar glitters. Vicki was designed too honor a woman named Vicki, a breast cancer survivor. A donation will be made to support breast cancer research when you purchase this polish. This swatch is applied over China Glaze Dance Baby.

Jasmine is described as aquamarine, light blue and green glitter. I see green, blue, sparks of orange, gold and holo silver fire. I swatched this over OPI Fly.

What do you think of Vicki and Jasmine? Like? Think that you might like to own them? You can find them in Shimmer's Etsy store.

Thank you for popping in and reading and taking a look at these beautiful polishes. Please come back tomorrow for the next two polishes in this series. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.

*These polishes were sent to me for review. Thank you, Shimmer.*