Revlon Firefox: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Here is a polish that has been lurking, swatched but not posted for a while. Revlon Firefox is one of their matte/suede shades. Pretty anemic matte/suede, if you ask me. Sheer, not really matte or shiny just kind of a mutt. I wasn't impressed with this polish until I put to coat on it and then all of a sudden it became a purebred. Shiny, kind of squishy, shimmery... Lovely.

Index and ring have top coat, middle and pinkie have none. I like it better with the top coat.

The formula on this is pretty nice. It was easy to apply and control but for a matte/suede it was a bit pokey on dry time.

I picked this up in a clearance sale so I don't know if it is widely available any longer but it should be floating around here and there.

Thank you for popping in and hanging out for a bit. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.