Sinful Colors Winterberry

Hello gentle readers.

How's your weekend going? Mine is going well. We had a nice Thanksgiving, a busy yesterday rearranging furniture and putting up the Christmas tree. I still have hours of decorating ahead of me but the tree is up and fluffed. Oh and I have three bulbs to replace, as well. I have them marked and as soon as my husband brings the Christmas decorations containers up from the storage room I can get that done. I also have a hair appointment later. Yay! I get to get my roots done. I love being a blonde... I don't like roots.

Okay, polish...

Sinful Colors Winterberry. Beautiful smoky purple with a a ton of silver shimmer. Really gorgeous colour. Check it out:

This is two coats and top coat. Pretty, huh? A little brushstroke-y but you don't see that, as a casual observer, you just see a beautiful smokey silvered purple. Too bad the formula is a dud. Thick, gluey, snotty, streaky, clotted. Blech. This was a royal pain in my ass to apply. In spite of being thick, it ran all over the place, blobbed off the brush and headed straight for my cuticles and sat there, daring me to clean it up. I was forced to apply thick coats because thin coats were impossible due to dragging and bald spots all over the place. What a mess. Sinful normally has a pretty good formula but yuk. This one is just nasty. Dry time wasn't too bad, a little pokey but Seche Vite helped to make it not unbearable.

And if the application was unhappy, wear time was abysmal. I had significant tip wear and tiny chips by the end of the first day, after my shower the next morning, that was all she wrote for this baby. I thinned the crap out of this polish after struggling with it. I may give it one more chance but I am honestly not holding out hope for it. What a disappointment.

Want to know the worst part of it? I accidentally bought a second bottle of this goop. Yep, one of the few times I purchase a duplicate bottle of polish, I buy one that sucks. Just my luck. I'd return it but I lost my receipt and two clams isn't worth the raggle baggle.

So, I must ask you, did you buy this lovely colour? Did you have the same trouble with the formula that I did? Do tell.

Okay, I must move along. I need another cup of java and I have things to do. Thanks for popping in, have a great day and may your polish never bubble.