Bad Ass Polish: Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I was recently contacted by Amy, the owner of Bad Ass Polish and asked if I would like to review some of her polishes. I jumped on that opportunity. I love checking out new pretties and I was honored that Amy wanted me to feature her creations.

How do you like my schnazzy collage? I made it, myself. 

Today I have a review of three Bad Ass polishes. I only have three because the Post Office did a Dr. Destructo on my package and one polish tragically didn't survive the carnage. The polishes were very well packed and protected, it looked to me as if the letter carrier dropped my package and ran over one end, killing one polish. The tough plastic mailer was ripped. Ripped! And all blackened and dirty. Grrr! Three of the four polishes survived the carnage and are here to delight your eyes, today.

Two of the polishes are from the Bad Ass Are You Ready For Some Football Collection. They are:

Go Pack Go! Created for you Packer fans out there, Go Pack Go is a mix of fine green and gold square glitter and large gold hex sequins. I decided to swatch one coat of Go Pack Go! over China Glaze Starboard, topped with Gelous. I thought this this combo looked the most Packer-ish.

 In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I am not a football fan. In fact, I do not like football. At all. And my knowledge of the game could be written on the head of a pin and you would still have room for The Lord's Prayer. 

 But I do know polish. And I like this polish. Muchly. So, you don't have to be a football fan to appreciate the sparkly goodness. 

Next we have, named for the Dallas Cowboys: America's Team. My husband would beg to differ. But I digress. America's Team is a brilliant silver fine square and small hex sequin mix accented by navy blue stars. If memory serves, the Cowboys colours are blue, white and silver so I decided to swatch America's Team in one coat over OPI Alpine Snow. Topped with Gelous, this is shiny, sparkly and fun.

And now we have the gorgeous Bling! This is a mix of fine gold glitter and small silver hex sequins. This polish is straight up glamorous. 1970's It Girls in Halston dresses, dripping in yellow gold and diamond jewelry glamorous. Bling! is the perfect name for this polish. This is one coat over China Glaze Man Hunt and topped with Gelous.

The formula of Bad Ass glitters is very thick. So thick that I had a lot of trouble with them, at first.  I tried working with them over bare nails and layered and for the life of me, I couldn't get a smooth, even coat. I am not blaming the polish for this. If you have been reading me for a while you will probably know that I don't work and play well with thick polishes. I can't get them to perform as they should or could. Which drives me crazy because I read reviews of Bad Ass Polish and other brands that tend to be thick written by other bloggers and they don't seem to have any trouble with them. I must be some kind of freak.

Happily, there is an easy-peasy fix for my little problem. It's called lacquer thinner. A thick polish challenged broad's best friend in the whole wide world. I simply dumped a gracious plenty thinner in each bottle of polish, gave them all a good shake-shake-shake, let them sit overnight, gave them another shake and woo-hoo! Nice and fluid and good to go. I had to pat the gold hex sequins into place and fish a few when I applied Go Pack Go and the stars in America's Team was a total fishing expedition. Not a problem. I expect to fish when working with glitters that contain big focus pieces like that. I actually prefer to, as I can place the goodies right where I want them. I'm kinda picky like that.

So, what do I like about Bad Ass Polish? Well, the name for one! I admit it. I love that name. I like the beautiful, quality glitter, the fun, well thought out names and attention to detail, like square, easy to line up bottles, good quality, properly trimmed brushes and a shipping method I have never seen, before. Amy of Bad Ass Polish wraps her babies in soft cotton pads, then places them securely in rigid, sturdy paperboard tubes then in a mailer. Had it not been for the carnage suffered by my polishes at the hands of the Post Office, all of the polishes would have arrived in perfect condition. I like Bad Ass Polish and I recommend them.

Bad Ass polish sells for $8.50 a bottle and you can find it on Amy's Etsy store.
Visit the official Bad Ass website.
Follow Bad Ass on Facebook.

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

*These were sent to me for consideration and review. Thank you, Bad Ass Polish.*


  1. It's funny how different folks have different experiences with certain formulas. Lots of gals think Julep is awesome but I rarely get those to work for me, which is sad because some of their colors are really lovely. Conversely, I love Butter London's formula but I've heard a few gals have a less than great experience with those. Anyhoo, the Football polishes gave me the most trouble, too, especially America's Team. It's a small price to pay to get awesome stars on your nailses, though, and I felt like this one was no different than the WetnWild star glitter (better, actually, less gloopy formula). I LOVE your description of Bling! and it looks gorgeous over the blue you chose.

  2. Heh heh. Yes, thick polish has always been my Waterloo. Happily, thinning these made them easy for me to handle and I am glad because I really do like them. :D I have never tried Butter London, (need to get some and give them a go) but I have a lot of trouble with Essie. I don't know why... So many bloggers LOVE Essie's formula but the majority of the Essies I own tied me up in knots when I tried to use them. And it breaks my little heart because I adore their colour range.

    I didn't mind fishing for the stars in America's Team... I expected to, any huge, focus glitter pieces like that generally require it. And I like being able to put my stars where I want them. I agree, the quality of the Bad Ass is superior to the Wet-n-Wild one. The base is better and the stars are higher quality, too.

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them. :D

  3. I'm going to have to mosey on over to this shop! Oh, and I had a fellow blogger email me saying that she had sent me a package, and that the PO had so badly mangled it that the 'To' address was unreadable, and one of the products inside had been crushed to death. We live in the same state!!!

  4. Why am I not surprised? The PO in this state sucks. I swear, sometimes I think that the carriers do this crap to our stuff on purpose. I don't want to believe that of people but what else can I think? It's so frustrating. :(

  5. Are you going to press charges against the mailperson for assault and battery on the polish? Or vehicular homicide? I guess the holidays got to him/her. Too many packages, so little time.

    And I agree with you on football. I detest it. Give me a good old baseball game anytime (go Yankees or Tampa Bay!).

    Oh, and the polishes are gorgeous. Bling has my name on it!

  6. Could you just see the trial? Exhibit A, photos of the destroyed tube, exploded polish bottle and torn, stained mailer, the other polishes, sitting int he gallery, crying as the Prosecutor describes the carnage... :D Don't mind me. I have an exceedingly vivid imagination.

    I much prefer baseball. Go, Cubs, Go!

    They are, aren't they? You should get Bling! It wants to go home with you. :D


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