China Glaze Angel Wings: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I am wrapping up my reviews of the China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection with Angel Wings. This si the gold version of yesterday's Glistening Snow. Fine gold and holo sparking glitter in a clear base. Mmmm... This is so glam. Golden, sparkly, rich, warm and just... Mmmm...

Yeah. I like it. I like it a lot. This swatch is two coats and Gelous and Seche Vite over my glitter undies.

The formula on this polish is identical to Glistening Snow. Smooth, easy to apply and work with, quick to dry and thirsty as a camel crossing the Sahara. I love it. Yepper. 

I did a comparison between Angel Wings and Golden Enchantment. As you can see, they are nothing alike. Golden Enchantment is, like her sister Fairy Dust, a topper, never meant to be opaque or stand alone. Angel Wings is a glitter and can be layered or fully opaque, it is meant to be worn on it's own. 

So, there you have it. At last. The China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection for Winter/Holiday 2012. Have you glommed on to any of the polishes from this collection? Have any faves? Some of mine are Red Satin, Angel Wings, Glistening Snow, Glitter All the Way. I like all of them but these are my clear favorites. If you would like to buy some of these polishes, they are for sale where you find china Glaze polish.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a terrific Tuesday and may your polish never bubble.