OPI Bubble Bath

Hello gentle readers.

Here is a polish I have been meaning to pick up for years.


And I just recently, just last month, finally got it.

Glad I did.

OPI Bubble Bath is the quintessential delicate, ladylike semi-sheer milky pink jelly polish. Soft, delicate, pretty, always appropriate and perfect for any setting, any occasion. If you like pink, you need this polish. It's a classic. It belongs in your polish stash.

This is two coats of OPI Bubble Bath and Seche Vite. So squishy. So shiny. A little translucent, tho an extra coat will give you opaque, if the VNL thing isn't your thing.

Okay, let's talk formula. Fantastic. Smooth, silky, the perfect viscosity, it sits sweetly down where it is placed, mounds every so slightly, then whispers up the nail. There is no running, pooling, streaking, dragging, bubbling, Dry time is good, Seche Vite makes it even better. Wear time on this is pretty decent. It wore gracefully for four days then I killed a nail, had to take it off and file my nails down. And they were at that perfect, "OMG! My nails are long!" length. *sigh*

Do you own OPI Bubble Bath? Love it? If you are interested in acquiring this perfect pink, it is core line and available where you buy OPI.

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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