Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

Us cat slaves can identify with this meme.

(Don't remember where I snagged this one... It's been lurking in my hard drive for a while.)

I'll see all of you on Monday with another China Glaze Holiday Joy polish. I'll also be featuring a really pretty eye shadow palette and some OPI Skyfall yummies, next week. 

Have a great Sunday. 


  1. Oh my, this is too funny! I hate when my cat, Java, does this!

  2. There is nothing like finding cat hair in your fresh, wet polish. Or having to pick it out of your makeup brushes. LOL

  3. LOL - there are 3 cats in my house and 2 dogs, so making sure pet hair doesn't get in my wet polish is part of my nail painting routine!

  4. I have one cat and one dog and have the same problem. LOL

  5. YES! This is me, all the time. Especially when it comes time to take photos of my nails.


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