Wet N Wild Limited Edition Holiday 8 Pan Eye Shadow Palette in Sparkle 'Til Morning

Hello gentle readers.

I thought that I would show you the Wet N Wild limited edition 8 Pan Eye shadow Palette for Holiday 2012 in Sparkle 'Til Morning. I picked this up at my local Walgreen's in the Beauty Bar display. It is priced at $4.99 US and contains a net weight of 0.3 ounces or 8.5 grams of product. The Sparkle 'Til Morning palette is comprised of eight shimmery shadows in mostly neutral colours with a surprising pop of bright teal blue.

The packaging is bare bones plastic, lightweight, a bit flimsy. I could wish for something a little more substantial, a bit more aesthetically pleasing to grace my dressing table but pretty packaging costs a lot and in the end, I suppose what really matters is nice quality makeup at an affordable price. And I can always stash this palette in a drawer.

Have a look at the palette. See all of the pretty colours. Wet N Wild likes to press location designations into their multi pan eye shadows to give the user suggestions for application. These suggestions are great for beginners but of course, you can use any shade in any way that strikes your fancy.

Swatches, ahead. I swatched these shadows on my lightly moisturized skin and a little primer. The swatches are in the same order in which you see them in the palette.

From top left.  Brow Bone Shades:
*Light, creamy golden ivory with a slightly stiff but fairly velvety texture. Somewhat flaky. nice pigmentation, decent payoff, a bit sheer. Just great for a highlight for the brow bone or inner corner. I could see this swept lightly along the tops of the cheekbones, too.
*Slightly dusty rosy pink shimmer with a bit of a metallic sheen. This has a soft, buttery texture, it is a little flaky, has good pigmentation and colour payoff.

Eyelid Shades:
*Golden bronze shimmer with a metallic hit. The texture is soft but not as velvety. Smooth, somewhat flaky, this shade has nice pigmentation and colour payoff.
*Bronze shimmer with a metallic hint. The texture is soft and velvety with good pigmentation and colour payoff.

Crease Shades:
*Copper rose metallic shimmer. Soft, velvety texture with nice pigmentation but only okay colour payoff. I had to pick up a lot of shadow to get a good swatch.
*Creamy medium brown with a more subtle gold shimmer. The texture is soft and velvety and a little flaky. Very nice pigmentation and colour payoff.

Definer Shades:
*Bright teal blue with a subtle green interference pigment shift. The texture is soft, velvety, a little flaky. Pigmentation is good but the payoff while great swatched, is just okay, when applied to the eye.
*Dark brown with a copper rose fleck. This shadow is extremely soft and velvety, almost too soft, it is very flaky with intense pigmentation and very good colour payoff. Watch out for the fallout!

All of these shadows are very pretty on, they apply smoothly with a little fallout, blend beautifully and last, with eye primer on me, for a full eight hours with minimal fading. I was a little disappointed in the teal colour, I applied it along my lower lash line with a soft, fine crease brush for a pop of colour and it barely showed up. I'll need to try building it up a bit more or apply it wet.

I did an eye look using some of the shadows in this palette. I used Wet N Wild Brule on my brow bone, all shimmer from lash to brow is a bit much for me, personally. I prefer to mix shimmer and matte in my eye looks, I feel that it just looks better on me.

Yes, I raise my brows for some photographs. I have hooded eyes and I need to stretch my lids a bit to show off the shadows.

*Okay, a little disclosure, here... I did a tiny bit of airbrushing in spots. I needed to smooth the skin on the sides of my nose where I am suffering a reaction to the nose pads on my glasses, they are really tearing my skin up! And I popped out some of the worst veining in my sad, red allergy eyes (no one wants to see that!). I obviously need more practice with that tool!*

To sum up, this is a nice eye shadow palette. It is definitely worth hunting down and purchasing. If you want it, look in your local Walgreen's for a display off away from the main Wet N Wild display.Tho this is LE, a lot of stores are pretty good about restocking, a few times and hopefully, you can still find it.

What do you think of this palette? Do you own it? Like it? I'd like to hear what you think.

I hope that you don't mind gradually seeing more beauty/makeup related posts in this blog. I will maintain a polish focus but my nails don't live in a vacuum, they are attached to a whole person, a person who loves beauty products and makeup and I dig talking about them, too.

Thank you for reading.


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