Bad Ass Polish The Vikes and Dusk: Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have two more Bad Ass glitter polishes. The Vikes is a treat of a glitter polish to celebrate the Minnesota Vikings. This polish is a thick, clear base with tiny purple square, small white hex sequins and large gold hex sequins. As per the uszh, I thinned this out very well before I applied it and it behaved like a sweetheart. The glitter dispersed smoothly and easily, I did have to fish a few of the gold  sequins and place them but all in all, this was pretty easy to apply. I don't mind doing a little fishing to have this kind of pretty.

This swatch is one coat over my glitter undies, Gelous tops it for shine and sparkle.

Pretty, huh?

Now, here is Dusk. This is one of the Bad Ass polishes I was most looking forward to trying. Dusk was the polish that was heartlessly, violently taken from me by my local postal service. Happily, Amy at Bad Ass sent me another bottle.

Dusk is magical and beautiful. The clear base is packed full of tiny square dark blue glitter and tiny gold holo glitter. This is Hampton Court Palace in the time of Henry VIII, with it's soaring, arched ceilings painted in the deepest, yet brightest blue imaginable studded with brilliant gold stars. The formula on this, after some thinning, because you know that I can't do the thick thing, was pleasant, easy and smooth. It applied without giving me any trouble. It dries quickly and a little textured. Lots of top coat gets this up and dancing.

I applied this over my glitter undies so that you can appreciate it as it is. Personally, I feel that this is a layering polish and I am looking forward to playing with this some more, over various base colours. I applied one coat to my pinkie and index, two to my middle and three to my ring. Even after three coats, it wasn't too terribly thick, it didn't pool on the edges of the nail, it dried as swiftly as one could hope a polish like this one would. This polish is the colour of win.

So there we have it, two more lovely and fun Bad Ass Polish glitter beauties. What do you think of them? Like? Think that you may need to have? Bad Ass Polish is available from their Etsy Shop. If you would like more info on this brand you can find their official site, here and you can follow on Facebook.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

*These were sent to me for consideration and review.*