China Gaze It's a Trap-Eze: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

China Glaze It's a Trap-Eze from the Circue Du Soleil Collection has me longing for Spring. How could it not? This milky, ever so slightly blue tinted base is packed with multiple sizes and shapes of glitter in pink, blue, green, red, yellow and white. Isn't this just happy? Doesn't it invoke images of Spring flowers, sprinkles on cupcakes, speckled sugar Easter eggs and pretty cotton sundresses?

This swatch is two coats over my usual undies, topped with two coats of Gelous.

The formula on this polish is really nice. It smoothed on over the base I laid down ahead of time, slipped up the nail very nicely and the glitter distributed evenly with just a little coaxing and patting, here and there. Dry time is pretty decent. This polish looks so glossy smooth and pretty with two coats of Gelous over the top. I just love it. This polish behaved so much better than Get Carried Away and Whirled Away from this collection.

Of the three chunky glitter polishes that China Glaze included in the Circue Du Soleil Collection, this has the best formula and gives the least bit of trouble. I am very happy that I purchased this polish and I can see this getting worn frequently, this Spring and Summer.

While I feel that their effort to produce really great, unusual glitter polishes wasn't entirely successful in this collection, I applaud China Glaze for keeping an eye on what is happening in polish. They seem to be aware of the surge in the popularity of indie glitters and they are making an effort to bring that hand made quality; the different colours, textures and interesting glitter piece combinations to the mass market.

What do you think of China Glaze It's a Trap-Eze? Do you own it? Don't you think it's pretty and sweet? If you would like to have it, it was recently released with the China Glaze Circue Du Soleil Collection and it should be available where you buy China Glaze polish.

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I am so mad that I passed this up when I was picking up shades from this collection. Grrr!! It's so cute!

  2. I'm glad I picked this one up! I've really liked all the swatches I've seen of it, and yours is no exception. It always reminds me of candy!

  3. Thank you. :)

  4. Thank you. :) Candy is a perfect description, isn't it. So sweet and makes you happy. :D

  5. I hate it when I pass up a polish then come to regret it. Maybe you should pop out and get it then you can stop being mad at yourself. :D

  6. It does remind me of cupcakes! I would never guess from looking at the bottle how gorgeous the polish is!

  7. I love it when a polish surprises me so much. :D This one is best over undies. Gives it that rich opacity that makes it look like sugar. :)

  8. I have It's A Trap-eze and I really like it.

  9. It's a pretty one, isn't it? Enjoy it. :D


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