OPI The Spy Who Loved Me: Swatch and Review Plus Color Club Snow Flakes

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am sharing the absolutely gorgeous OPI The Spy Who Loved Me. This clear, true red jelly is packed with gold and red glass fleck shimmer. This polish is, in a word, stunning. Splendid. Gorgeous. Flattering. Okay so that's four. Sue me. I need to gush about this one. It is worth it.

This swatch is two coats and Seche Vite. Or did I use Gelous? Eh... Who cares?

The formula on this is as fabulous as the polish is beautiful. It is smooth, silky, sits sweetly down where it is placed and just whispers up the nail. I didn't have to do much cleanup while working with this beauty. Mostly just fussbudget refining. No matter how well a polish applies, I think that my application is never good enough and I have to tweak it. Dry time is decent with this polish. 

Next, I have a little bonus. I have a few of the Holiday Color Club polishes that I picked up before Christmas. I haven't worn them, but I thought that it would be fun to trot out the flaky, Snow Flakes and put it on over OPI The Spy Who Loved Me just for fun. This is one coat of the flakies topped with Gelous. 

You should see this combo in person. Pretty as it is in a photograph, it glows and burns, in person. If you have these two polishes, try them together. I'm willing to guarantee that you will love the effect. 

So do you own OPI The Spy Who Loved Me or Color Club Snow Flakes? What do you think of these beauties?  If you want them, The Spy Who Loved Me should still be available in a lot of places where you find OPI. Color Club Snow Flakes was a LE Winter/Holiday offering that was, if I remember correctly, exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply but you may be able to still find it. If you can't find it in store, check E-Bay or Amazon, you might luck across it. 

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.