Review: Reviva Labs Oxygen Mask

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am sharing the Reviva Labs Oxygen Mask.

Of the products generously sent to me, this is one of my favorites. This masque contains green papaya and hydrogen peroxide, two ingredients that work in tandem to boost oxygenation, gently exfoliate and brighten the skin.

This thick, light green cream smooths onto the skin and feels comfortable. The scent is slightly herbal and medicinal. There is no stinging or burning, I can put this mask close to my eyes, being careful not to get it on my mucous membranes, of course! While it is working, I can't really feel anything "happening", my skin just feels coated and warm, as the mask holds my skin's natural warmth in while it is working. After it is cleaned away with a warm, wet wash cloth, it leaves my skin feeling very soft, smooth and looking brighter, more even and slightly plumped up. It does feel as if my skin is a bit more receptive to the serum and moisturizer I use, after. I really like this product. It works for my skin.

Oh! If you have dark hair and brows, keep this masque off of your hairline and eyebrows! It can bleach hair a little, (tho I haven't really noticed any real difference) due to the peroxide. I am a blonde and my brows are pretty light, anyway do I don't worry about it but yeah, just be careful if you are a brunette beauty.

Reviva Labs Oxygen Mask is 1.5 fluid ounces and is $12.00. There are no animal products used in the formulation and Reviva Labs doesn't test on animals.

What do you think? Is this something you might be interested in trying? You can find this product here.

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Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a great day.

*This product was provided to me by the company for consideration and review.*