Review: Wet-n-Wild Take On the Day Eyeshadow Primer

Hello gentle readers.

Today I would like to share a review of of a product I picked up at my local Walgreen's, the other day. Part of the new Wet-n-Wild Fergie cosmetic line is their Take On the Day eyeshadow primer. Wait! What-what? Wet-n-Wild makes an eyeshadow primer? I was surprised and delighted to find this product when I did my latest Walgreen's beauty department crawl. It cost me $4.99 USD. Not too shabby, especially if it works.

Wet-n-Wild Take On the Day eyeshadow primer.

The packaging is a very low quality black tube that holds 0.34 fl oz. or 19 mL of product. The package claims is that this product primes and preps, lasts all day and doesn't crease. 

Wet n Wild Take on the Day eyeshadow primer is a lightly pigmented pink leaning nude. The texture is very smooth, quite silky, in fact. The primer has very nice slip, it smooths easily across the lids, gives a few moments to work with it then quickly sets to a clear, softly diffused satin matte finish with that bit of grab that one expects from a good eye primer. This primer caused my eyes a couple of minutes of mild discomfort that dispersed and didn't return. I experience this sensation with any primer, regardless of brand or price point so I am convinced it is my eyes, not the product. 

Application of shadow over this primer is easy and smooth, my shadow applied and blended without dragging, grabbing or skipping. This primer, like any primer helps to enhance the vibrancy of shadow and the wear time is very good. I wore this primer and the Wet n Wild shadows I applied for ten hours. The primer didn't fail me, my shadow remained vibrant and smooth with no real fading at the very end of my long day. Impressive, in light of the fact that without primer, I am lucky to get three hours out of my eyeshadow. What can I say? My lids eat shadow. Voraciously. Primer stops that from happening. 

I want to speak a little about the product, the package and a bit of an issue I have with them. When I first opened this primer and squeezed it out onto the back of my hand, a lot of clear liquid poured out. From the feel of it, it was thin silicone or some such substance that was either not completely blended into the product or that had separated out as the product settled in the tube. Not a major objection, I had the same experience with a Too Faced eye primer I own so I don't attribute that to this product being inexpensive. I put the cap back on the tube, shook it and squeezed a little more out and while it "watered out" a little, I got a nice, solid line of primer, too, as you can see in the photograph, below. I squeezed out a bit more to lightly spread so that you can see just how silky and smooth this stuff is and the colour tone. 

This is on lightly moisturized bare skin.

After I did these swatches, I decided that I would try massaging the product in the tube to further blend it back together. Naturally I had the cap on and I must not have squeezed out enough air and the crimped end of the tube was very weakly sealed because as I put pressure on the tube to move the product around, the crimped end blew out, splattering my shirt and hands with primer. Nice, Wet n Wild. Really nice. After turning the air several shades of blue and cleaning myself and my shirt up the best I could I decided that I would return the product and put it back in it's blister pack, ready to go back to Walgreen's.

I finished my eye makeup, using a little of the primer so that I could test drive it, in spite of my unpleasant experience. I was looking through the drawer in my dressing table for a bronzer and I spied with my little eyes two little mineral makeup sample jars with product I had no intention of trying, as they were not my shade. But the little jars gave me an idea. I opened them, popped the sifters, tossed them and the powders, washed and sanitized the jars with 91% alcohol then squeezed the primer into the little jars. After the blowout, I had the perfect amount of primer to fill both jars to the top, as you can see below:

This will work very nicely. I actually quite like the primer and for the five dollars I would get back, it isn't really worth the time, gas and raggle baggle to return it.

My assessment:

Wet n Wild Take on the Day eyeshadow primer is a good, solid, well performing product. I am not impressed, however with the janky, cheap-o, badly sealed exploding plastic tube and the watering out of the product when I first opened it. Even for a bargain priced drugstore product, Wet n Wild can do better and should address and correct these small issues. If they do, they could have a real winner on their hands. That said, I won't be repurchasing this product.

What do you think of Wet n Wild Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer? Have you purchased it? Do you like it? If you are interested in giving it a go, you can buy it at drugstores and mass retailers that carry the Wet n Wild Fergie cosmetics collection. Just give it a good shake before you open it for the first time and be careful of the crimped end. You don't want a blowout!

Okay, I think that I covered everything. If you have any questions or would like to chat about this product, please hit me up in a comment. I welcome your feedback and input. Please remember to let the Disqus comment system fully load or I won't see your comment. And I want to see your comment.

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Thank you so much for popping in, stay warm (or cool, if it is Summer in your neck of the woods) and have a great day.


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