Seche Collage Overlay: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Think that Seche  is just for fantastic top coat? Think again, my friend. Seche does polish, too. And a glitter overlay topper called Collage Overlay; a chunky glitter mix comprised of silver holo bars, large silver holo and jumbo matte white hex pieces all joyfully swimming in a thick, clear suspension base. I don't dislike this. In fact I kind of dig it. Check it out! This swatch is one coat over OPI Tomorrow Never Dies and topped with Gelous.

Okay. Formula. This is pretty thick and you know me and thick. I thinned this out a goodly bit prior to swatching and it wasn't bad, at all. Application was pretty smooth and not horribly troublesome. Yep, I had a bit of fishing and placing to do; I expected it, I always do when I work with a chunky like this so no worries, certainly no ding. Dry time is good, as with many glitters. This dries a tad satin, plenty of top coat is needed to get it all perfectly smooth, glassy and ultra shiny and sparkly. I like to use a thick coat of Gelous, then top with Seche Vite. I don't know who came up with this combo, (it wasn't me!) but they are a freaking genius and I bow at their feet.

I was honestly expecting this glitter to be a stone bitch to work with and it wasn't. Colour me pleasantly surprised and happy to recommend this to you.

I typed then deleted a long, pissy rant about idiots who swatch, use up and gunk up polishes in stores. I was inspired by the fact that after I got this polish home, I noticed that the polish level was pretty low and the bottle neck under the cap was a hugely gunked up mess of dried base and glitter chunks telling me that this had been swatched. A lot. Gah! Just... Knock it the hell off already! Swatching, unless a bottle is marked "tester" and paper or nail wheels are provided isn't cool, it isn't right and you need to just not do it! Here in the US, most retailers accept returns on makeup and polish, if they don't provide testers for swatching before purchase so there is no good excuse  to gunk up, contaminate and ruin polish and makeup for other people. In fact, may stores that offer testers, still accept returns! Just buy the product, take it home and try it out. If you don't like it, grab your receipt, return it and use the money to get something you will like. Don't mess things up for others.

Okay, mini rant over. Lesson learned, remember to check the neck of the bottle prior to purchase, even if it does freak me out to open polish in the store.

Have you tried this pretty glitter topper? What do you think of it? If you are interested in acquiring and trying it, Seche Collage Overlay is available at Sally Beauty supply. I wish that my local Sally's would get the Seche Colour line, too as I would love to try them.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great Sunday and may your polish never bubble.