Twisted Flaky Fun

Hello gentle readers.

I am rocking nubs, thanks to a series of unfortunate events that befell my poor nails. And dangit all anyway as I have swatching to do. Now, I am not adverse to swatching on nubbins but I prefer a little length to my nails for swatches; makes my nails and the polish look prettier, to me. So, while I await a little more length, I am enjoying my stash, going back and revisiting old friends who haven't seen much action, lately. And splashing on flakies. For some reason, I am really feeling the flakies.

This manicure was a fast and easy one. I already had base coat on, so I just slopped on a coat of Wet-n-Wild Black Creme (you don't need a review, you already know how great that polish is, I am sure) then a coat of Finger Paints Twisted. I topped it all with a coat of Gelous then a coat of Seche Vite. My one regret? The coat of Gelous. I liked how glossy and shiny it looked but the Gelous made this mani dry very slowly.

Ooo! Isn't that just one of the prettiest flakies? Photos don't do this full justice.

Okay, time for me to run along. Thank you for popping in. Have a great day, stay warm and may your polish never bubble.