China Glaze Water You Waiting For? and Hanging in the Balance: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

How's about a two-fer today. Two pretty blue polishes from the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection.  Water you Waiting For? is a deep blue jelly base packed with blue, green and purple micro and fine glitter mix. This polish is magically delicious.

This swatch is two coats and two coats of Gelous.

 The formula on Water You Waiting For? is a tad bit stubborn, it isn't easy but not a huge pain in the ass. And it is so pretty, it's worth a little care and consideration.

Next up, there is Hanging in the Balance, a brightened royal blue crelly. So smooth. So shiny. This polish has a very nice formula. It is easy to apply, didn't give me any trouble, except for a really bad brush. I ended up swapping out the brush that came in the bottle with one that was in an empty base coat bottle I had floating around for just such a circumstance.

This swatch is two coats and top coat.

Stupid camera made this look more cerulean than royal blue and since I don't have and wouldn't know how to use it if I did, Photoshop, I have to just apologize for my now and then not so colour accurate photographs.

These are the last two polishes I have from the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection. I am happy that I picked up the polishes that I did from this collection, they are really great; pretty, nice formulas. If you like the look of these polishes, they are definitely worth picking up. Tho they aren't out and stomping through the stores, any longer, they are available from e-tailers, Amazon, E-Bay and in random beauty supply stores and so on. If you want them, they shouldn't be too difficult to track down.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love them both!!!

  2. They're great, aren't they? :D

  3. The first is very pretty, but reminds me a great deal of Skyscrapper from their 2011 fall collection.

  4. What is up with CG's brushes lately?

  5. Yes, they are! :D

  6. You've got me. I am getting more bad ones than ever. I have found at least six in the last couple of collections. SMH

  7. Hmmm... I'll have to haul out Skyscraper and see if they are close. Interested in a comparison?

  8. Me, too. I've been hesitant to buy any CG because of the crappy brushes. I've been liking Sally Hansen lately, but the price is ridiculous. I want to wait for a sale. =(

  9. I haven't been buying Sally Hansen, it costs as much as OPI. As much as I like Sally Hansen, if I am going to spend that kind of money, I'd rather have the OPI, which I like even more. :)


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