Happy Caturday!

Hello gentle readers.

I am taking the weekend off. Maybe Monday, too. Shit got real in my life, this last week (if you read my personal blog, you know what is going on) and while I am trying to process, recover from the shock I am in and learn to accept and move forward, I admit, I am soul weary, sad and just not in the mood to talk about nail polish, at the moment. As hard as I am trying to just keep it normal, it's hard to do. I am trying, I really am, mostly because it has been requested of me to do so but I am struggling with it, right now. It's just too raw, too fresh.

So, I'm taking a few days. I can't sit here and let my blinking cursor on an empty page mock me as I stare, my brain a swim of blankness, unable to form the purple prose and wild hyperbole in which I so love to indulge.

See you soon and in the mean time:

Later, gators.