OPI Liquid Sand Polish in Get Your Number: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

OPI is jumping into the latest polish finish trend to hit the polish world. Liquid Sand is an interesting animal, as far as polish goes. A rather sheer jelly base is packed with tiny square and small hex glitter pieces and this interesting, for lack of a better word, sand. I don't know what the "sand" is, actually. I do know that it is extremely fine grained and with the glitter, adds an interesting texture to the finish. (How many times can one person use the word "interesting" in a paragraph?)

This swatch is three coats with no top coat.

I was expecting a dry, sparkly, sandy finish, rather like the surface of a sparkly concrete city sidewalk. What I got is a textured, somewhat sparkly, kind of... Rubbery? Matte Vinyl-like? finish. The glitter gives a deep, softened glint of light, flash and sparkle and the surface is textured, bumpy but not rough and dries to a softly satin finish.

(How many times can one person use the word "sparkly" in one paragraph?)

This polish is sheer, A full three coats are required to give an opaque look. I was quite surprised at that. I was expecting this to go opaque in one to two coats, three surprised me and not in a good way. Yeah, yeah, I know... Waaahhh... I had to apply three coats. What can I say? I'm a brat like that.

I like that holo flash from deep within, tho. I get why it is so jelly, that beautiful flash needs jelly in order to flash and wink at you. I can live with the three coat thing,

I decided to add top coat to this to see what happened. I must say, I am kind of liking the effect. I applied Orly Matte Top to my pinkie and middle finger nails to further mattify and then I slopped on some Seche Vite to shine up my ring and index nails. The top coats smoothed and filled in the texture and enhanced different aspects of this unusual finish. If I were going to wear this shiny, I would need a minimum of two coats of Seche Vite, this stiff is thirsty! I love how the shiny top coat brings out the rich, squishy blue and the glorious sparkle from the buried holo glitter. 

The formula on this polish is really terrific. The jelly base makes for smooth, easy application  despite all of the texture elements. Those elements give the polish body and viscosity but don't make it thick or difficult to handle. This polish is very biddable and well behaved, there is no streaking, dragging, pulling bald spots or bubbly nonsense. Dry time is... Okay. It isn't as fast as I would have expected but it won't keep you sitting around, twiddling your thumbs all day, either. You can get on with your life in good time, just be beware of bumps and smashes until it cures. 

I don't know what I think of OPI Liquid Sand, yet. Regular readers will know that I am not the biggest fan of "alternative" polish finishes. Crackle? No thank you. Magnetic? Meh. Caviar nails? Not a chance. Flocked or velvet nails? Oh, hell no! Matte is okay, now and again and you know that I love glitter. I am reserving judgement on this finish until I wear it a few times and really get to know it. I am happy that I purchased minis of these polishes. If it turns out that I really love one or two colours in this finish, I can always snag the full size, later. Something tells me that we are going to see even more colours in this finish, so there is no rush, for me. 

What do you think of OPI Liquid Sand? Have you picked up some of these polishes? Tried them? Do you love them? Loathe them? I'd really love to hear with you think. 

Thank you for wading through this wordy morass. If you made it all the way through, you deserve cookies. Have yourself a fantastic day and may your polish never bubble.