Nail Art, I Did Some

Hello gentle readers.

Yep. You read my title right. I did nail art. I know... I don't do nail art that often and when I do I usually manage to screw it up royally but I think that this latest effort came out pretty well.

I was in the mood for some Spring like colours but since it is still technically Winter, I decided to choose soft, light colours with a greyed or dusty tone. I sifted through my polishes and settled on Zoya Bevin, Zoya Marley and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I applied Marley, a soft lavender with a hidden silver shimmer on my pinkie and index nails, Bevin, a dusty medium green on ring and thumb nails and My Boyfriend Scales Walls on my middle nails. I did a plaid like stripe detail with a striper brush in Bevin and Marley on my middle nails. On my ring and thumbs, I stamped an image from BM 306 in My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I should have used a white, the OPI turned out a little faint, when stamped. Then I dotted my pinkie and index nails with My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I finished it all off with two coats of Seche Vite.

What do you think? Look okay? I must say, I was pretty happy with this and wore and enjoyed it for several days.

I didn't do proper swatch posts of Zoya Marley and Bevin but if you are interested in seeing either or both, let me know and I'd be happy to swatch them.

Thank you for popping in. Have a really great Saturday and may your polish never bubble.