OPI Anti Bleak: Swatch and Review and Pink Yet Lavender

Hello gentle readers.

Had a little three day weekend. Enjoyable and I feel refreshed and ready to blog, again. Sometimes a little break, a mojo recharge is in order.

Today I have OPI Anti Bleak and Pink Yet Lavender from the Spring Mariah Carey collaboration collection.

Anti Bleak is a beautiful, rich, velvety, berry toned creme. This polish is scrumptious. Simply scrumptious. Deep but not dark, bright enough for Spring and Summer but has enough depth that it can easily slide neatly into the cooler months, as well. I think that this polish would flatter a wide range of skin tones.

This swatch is two coats and is topped with Seche Vite.

The formula on this polish is just as scrumptious as the colour. The viscosity is perfect for a creme, thick but not gloopy, gluey or sticky, it has plenty of body, is buttery smooth and silky. This polish applies like a dream, it sits sweetly down where it is placed and slips up the nail with no dragging, streaking, bubbles or other nonsense. Anti Bleak was almost opaque in one coat, two easy coats gave me a flawless, opaque finish. Dry time is pretty good, for a polish with this much substance.

I bought Pink Yet Lavender from this collection and I decided to pop a coat on over Anti Bleak. Pink Yet Lavender is a goofy name. Even I, who love goofy, pun-ny polish names am a little... Impatient with this one. I am not, however impatient with this beautiful layering glitter. I will be showing it in more detail in swatches, soon.

Aren't these pretty, together? I have to tell you, OPI nailed it with these two polishes. They are lovely.

So, have you picked up OPI Anti Bleak or Pink Yet Lavender? Perhaps both? What do you think of them? If you would like to acquire these two beauties, they are available. Get them while the getting is good.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.