OPI A Butterfly Moment and Pink Yet Lavender: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am sharing OPI A Butterfly Moment and Pink Yet Lavender from the recent Mariah Carey Spring Collection.

A Butterfly Moment is a soft peach pink creme with gold shimmer. This polish is interesting. It is an odd mix of the modern and the feel of similar polishes from the 1970's. This colour isn't terribly unique but it is pretty and would be suitable in many settings.

This swatch is three coats and Seche Vite.

OPI A butterfly Moment has a nice formula. Not stellar, I had a little trouble with it handling my ridges and it wanted to build up on the outer edges of my nails and streak a bit. Just a little trouble, tho. This polish wasn't difficult, really tho a bit more than OPI polishes usually are for me. This polish sat down where it was placed, didn't run, pool or bubble. Dry time is a teensy bit pokey, Seche Vite is very helpful. Overall, this is a nice polish, has a decent formula and if you are into these soft, slightly shimmery peach pink type cremes, this is a nice one to pick up and add to your rotation.

Next up is the sparkling beauty of OPI Pink Yet Lavender. This gorgeous layering glitter is a thick clear base swimming with tiny square glitter that in some light looks green, then when bright light hits it, it explodes in holo multicoloured splendor. Added to that is medium hex sequins in a beautiful pink. The combo is truly girlie, beautiful and so much fun. I love this glitter.

This swatch is one coat over OPI A butterfly Moment and topped with Gelous. I had to content myself with this as the swatch. For some reason, every time I tried to make this work over bare nails or my glitter undies, my swatch turned out a major mess. I finally gave up and decided that this would have to do.

The formula on this polish is pretty much standard. The best way to apply is to pat and stroke as it goes on and drop hex pieces in any bare spots. Dry time is pretty good, this glitter dries a bit satin matte so pile on some top coat for maximum sparkle and shine.

What do you think of OPI A butterfly Moment and Pink Yet Lavender? Have you grabbed either or both? Please do tell. If you would like to have either or both, they are in stores, now.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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