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Hello gentle readers.

How's your week going, so far? Mine... Meh. Busy, I'm getting ready to go in and have me a little surgery on Friday. Nothing major, I'm having my gallbladder yanked out. Did you know that that surgery is considered an outpatient procedure, now? It is... I have to report in at seven in the morning for my nine o:clock operation and as long as there are no complications and everything goes according to schedule, I'll be home, chilling in my recliner by lunchtime. Wild, huh?

So, today I have this supergorgeous blue polish from the OPI Euro Centrale collection. Eurso Euro is a deep royal blue crelly. This polish is deeply pigmented and very shiny. I had to apply two coats for this swatch but if you have really smooth nails and apply a generous coat with a steady hand, this could be a one coat wonder, for you. I topped this with Seche Vite.

Was I lying? Isn't this beautiful? Rawr!

The formula on this polish is pretty much flat out fabulous. Smooth, silky, this polish is neither too thin or too thick, yet it has great body. Application is a pure pleasure, this polish sits right down where you tell it too, slips up the nail and self levels like a dream. There is no running, pooling at the cuticles or the edges, no dragging, streaking, bubbling or any other nonsense. What little cleanup I did do was just fussbudget refining. Dry time is good. A fast dry top coat just enhances that.

Do you own this glorious polish? What do you think of it? Do you love it as much as I do? Please do tell, I'd love to hear what you think.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have yourself a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. This looks gorgeous on you! Love that blue!

  2. It'll be a snap. I was glad they let me go home. The pain was minimal with the laprascopic method, nothing the Percocet couldn't handle. They gave me a week or 10 days worth, but I only took them for 2 1/2 days before switching to the weakest Vicodin. My rule of thumb is, if it doesn't hurt when I'm reasonably careful how I move, I'm taking enough of whatever...but if it gives me a buzz, I'm taking too much! And being in the hospital is sooooooooooooooo boring, and the food is awful. When they're trying to feed 100's of people the food is incredibly bland and salt and pepper can only help so much. Better to go home where you can at least have a decent can of clam chowder or something. But don't forget the Ducolax! Lol, I go through these kinds of procedures with a special manicure in case I can't talk since I have a real hard time with them wreaking havoc on my throat and vocal cords (apparently I have a 'small mouth and throat', ahahahahaha, none of my friends believe it). I have ChG Stroll on 7 fingers and CND Hyde In the Dark on my right index and pinkie, and left middle finger. Just so I can get my point across whether I can talk or not, lol. We all have our methods of defiance. ;) Check in when you feel like it.

  3. ohhh best wishes for a super smooth recovery! As for that beyond gorge deeply pigmented crelly (my fav kind) if I didn't have a broken toe right now I would be stopping at the store on the way home to look for that one....ahhhh wait, there's amazon and i need to order my coffee today! :D BEAUTIFULLLLL! <3

  4. Nice swatch! :) I will be thinking of you on Friday! <3

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  6. Thank you, I love this shade!

    Thank you so much! <3

  7. Awww... I hope that your poor toe is healing well. Take it easy and let your fingers do the shopping. :D

    Thank you for your well wishes. :D

  8. Happily, this isn't my first surgery. I am pretty familiar with how it will all work. :D I'm just looking forward to having it all done and over with. :D

  9. Thank you. :D


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