OPI My Vampire is Buff: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today's offering is a polish that I bought with some trepidation. I saw it. loved it, read the not so stellar reviews, convinced myself (sorta) that it was going to be different for me and put my money down.

You know what P.T. Barnum had to say about suckers.

OPI My Vampire is Buff is a beautiful French vanilla crelly. Warm, rich, delicious. Oh, gentle readers, the beauty you see disguises a seething pool of deception and pain. This swatch is four coats. No, your eyes are not paying tricks on you. I said four. Coats. Plus Seche Vite.

The formula on this polish is a black hearted demon sent from the bowels of Hell to torment the unaware. This polish is thin, the pigmentation is weak, it is streaky, it likes to run and try to flood my cuticles, it bubbles, it tries to drag if you overwork it, it starts to tighten up as you are applying coat after coat after coat after coat. Seche Vite was mandatory to smooth a bit of lingering streakiness and some bubbles. I don't know if this was going to dry... I got this off of my nails the instant I finished shooting these photographs and it was still pretty wet.

I am so disappointed in this polish. In spite of that, I am not quite ready to give up on it, just yet. (Who knew I had a masochistic streak?) I am going to give it another shot, over underwear and see if I have better luck with it. But at this time, I am sorry, I can't recommend this polish.

Do you own OPI My Vampire is Buff? What do you think of it? Did it behave better for you than it did for me? Please, do tell. Maybe I did something wrong?

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.


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